milk in schools

jeanette posted on the 6/12/2020 4:03:30 PM

Can someone please settle an argument. Did secondary schoolchildren get free milk at school in the early 1960's as well as primary schoolchildren?

#1 - MilkMan replied on the 4/01/2021 4:54:47 AM

I was in secondary in the 80s and I didn't get free milk at all.

#2 - Ian replied on the 8/01/2021 3:33:26 AM

I'm pretty sure Jeanette wanted to know about the 60's---not the 80's.

#3 - Iain Robertson A.K.L N.Z. replied on the 8/01/2021 4:07:18 AM

I went to Golfhill school in 1948 and we got free milk, however I do not recall getting it in secondary school.

#4 - jeanette replied on the 8/01/2021 6:09:04 AM

I've just found a web site that gives details of free milk in schools. It's called Do You and apparently free milk was available to all schoolchildren until Harold Wilson cut it out for secondary kids. I wasn't sure about it either Iain but my husband claimed he didn't get any at high school. He must have since he's about your age.

#5 - Alan replied on the 8/01/2021 5:27:08 PM

We never got it at Whitehill senior secondary around the late fifties.

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