Constant alarm in Ingleby drive

marjorie posted on the 27/02/2021 11:20:19 PM

Over the past two weeks there has been the intermittent, low-level alarm going off for many hours at a time. Has anyone else heard this? I've listened in my close but cannot pinpoint it and it is really becoming a serious problem.

#1 - anon replied on the 3/03/2021 12:42:19 AM

there was a house alarm that had gone off in an empty house at the corner of Gathland drive/Armadale street, it was driving all the neigbours crazy and no-one had the contact details of the landlord, after a few sleepless nights the neighbours contacted the police and then the council, eventually the noise abaitment team came out and got a warrent to enter the flat and disable the alarm - job done

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