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john ramage posted on the 26/08/2022 12:18:32 AM

Hi ,
I was just wondering if anyone else remembers the day Jim Forrest was leaving Onslow Drive JS after signing for Rangers, the Daily record took a photograph on the steps of the main building opposite the technical and art annexe,I think half the school was in that picture, it was a big blow to our school team losing Jim .
I would love to see a copy of that picture these were great days for Onslow Drive JS such a tragedy how that has ended.
John Ramage

#1 - Brian nelson replied on the 25/02/2023 11:08:41 PM

I was at onslow drive then. Jim's young brother Bert was in my year and we both played for the school team taken by mr Craig and Douglas the pe teachers. Last I heard of Bert he married a German girl and lived in Germany

#2 - john ramage replied on the 2/03/2023 11:12:04 AM

Hi Brian,

I was just beginning to think I was the only one left that remembered Jim Forrest at Onslow Drive.
I also remember Mr Craig and Mr Douglas ,in fact Mr Craig was my form or registration teacher for a few terms.
I also liked Mr Mc Gibbon and Mr Hume, it was a great school I enjoyed my time there andshould have tried harder I suppose, but there you are ,the downside was the old codgers they brought out of retirement like Granny Baird who was forever telling us we were street corner boys and destined for jail, I was on a one man quest to prove her right.
I think it was tragic how Jim's career ended a touch of the scapegoat I think what a wasteaf a great talent.

John ramage

#3 - Jim Drummond replied on the 27/09/2023 8:30:20 PM

I attended Whitehall Sen Sec School , which had an annex next to Onslow Drive , and I remember cheering when they carried him shoulder high when he signed for the Gers , I,m not sure but I think his cousin(might be wrong) Alex Willoughby was also there . R I P Jim.

#4 - Billy mc master replied on the 20/02/2024 6:33:52 PM

I remember the two pe teachers mentioned in one of the posts I was supposed to run for the school but on the day they were doing training for it had to much coconut sponge and custard at dinner school plus one of the famous frozen jubilees and was so bagged up could not run dropped. I also remember kindly soul Mr Hume liked the belt would put a book across your wrist before he belted you used to hate if we had him for double period one after the other geography and English. They were the days

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