80 Meadowpark street

Ross Fullerton posted on the 18/01/2023 5:17:49 PM

Hi I've just moved to meadowpark street. Can anyone tell me when the red sandstone building was built?

Many thanks for your knowledge.


#1 - Wullie replied on the 23/01/2023 2:14:29 PM

Next close to you,70 meadowpark street, has a date on the stonework I think i'ts 1897

#2 - jeanette replied on the 25/01/2023 10:28:15 AM

Question for Wullie.
Are all the closes in that area numbered in the same way? That is, do they jump by ten rather than two. I lived at 34 Edmund St and assumed the next close was either 32 or 36. Am I wrong about that? I ask because my grandmother lived in Edmund St in the early 1900's and I'd assumed it was quite a distance from where I subsequently lived but if the closes were separated by ten then she may have lived closer than I thought. Would be grateful if you could clarify this for me.

#3 - Wullie replied on the 27/01/2023 10:56:17 PM

Sorry jeanette,I don't know,every street seems to be different,some go up in twos then fours.On my part of the parade they go up by a factor of eight per close. I'm sure there is a reason,but,I don't know who could help you.
As far as Edmund street go on your grannies side the numbers were, 10 18 26 34 40 52 58 and 66,the other side of the street was, 15 23 31 39 49 67 69 and 73.

#4 - jeanette replied on the 28/01/2023 9:18:33 AM

Thanks Wullie. That is helpful. Do you know which direction the numbers go? Was number 40 for instance closer to Ark Lane or not?

#5 - Wullie replied on the 28/01/2023 6:18:08 PM

Number 10 was at Ark lane,number 40 was at Dunchattan street.

#6 - jeanette replied on the 29/01/2023 11:08:07 PM

Thanks Wullie. Just one more question (I think). My grandmother lived at no.58 in 1911 so I'm guessing that building would have been on what was spare ground in the 1950's-----directly across from the swing park. Do you know what happened to that building? All the other building of a similar age were there into the 70's I believe. I see from your list of close numbers too that there aren't regular intervals. Do you know why that is? Sorry, that's two questions.

#7 - Wullie replied on the 31/01/2023 10:56:28 AM

Sorry,I don't know,the list of close numbers are from a map of glasgow 1940s to 1970s,downloaded, from the
national library of scotland.
I'm not originally from dennistoun,so I don't know when parts of the area were demolished.

#8 - jeanette replied on the 2/02/2023 10:45:27 AM

Thanks for all you help Wullie. I'll go ahead and look up that site you mentioned.

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