Longshot: John Campbell ~1915

Ross posted on the 5/03/2023 6:26:30 PM

Looking for a John Campbell that lived Whitevale Street, Camlachie/Dennistoun around 1948-49. I hear he passed away a while back but I'm looking for relatives. Children specifically, who'll likely be in their 60s+.

Can't think of how else to find them, that's all I know and census records for that period don't open till 2048.

#1 - BStewart replied on the 11/03/2023 11:00:39 AM

Hi Ross, not sure if it will help you with actually finding them, but you would be able to find the childrens names by searching on Scotlands People website. You'd probably need to know their mothers maiden to narrow down the results, but if you don't know that you could also try searching marriage records for John on the same website. Good luck.

#2 - Ross replied on the 18/03/2023 10:26:04 AM

Through Scotlands People I managed to narrow it down to 3 possible John Campbells

John Campbell, carpet setter, 12 Whitevale Street
John Campbell, boilerman, 86 Whitevale Street
John Campbell, glazier, 100 Whitevale Street

Using valuation rolls in 1940. Not really sure how to take that further though. Literally all I know is his name and that he lived in Whitevale Street in 1948-49

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