Alexandra Parade Primary 1971 - 1977

Alan posted on the 14/07/2023 5:42:24 PM

I loved my time at Alexandra Parade Primary School - even have fond memories of getting the belt once or twice! Mr Tait was the Head for some of the time and my favourite teacher was Miss Morrison who taught me in Primary 5, was notoriously strict, but with whom I was completely in love (unrequited!). Often wondered where she ended up. Would love to hear other memories.

#1 - Jon Ioannou replied on the 26/07/2023 10:24:26 AM

I attended Alexandra Parade from 1969-1974 and the wonderful Miss Morrison was my P7 teacher . It was a composite P6/P7 class - a great close knit group & it transpired we were her first ever teaching post ! Memories include buying her presents for her 21 st birthday ( I know - only 21 !!!) and , although she appeared strict, she had great humour & our class liked her. The previous year we had mostly been at Galloway House , where one teacher was a Robert Morrison - her brother - and from day one , we were astounded as she went round the class , detailing all our personalities & traits ! Totally never made the connection of how she knew so much about us !
I remember the classroom being at the top of the building & being bright & sunny . Like you, I'd love to know how her life & career developed .

#2 - David Hornsby replied on the 23/08/2023 11:41:33 PM

I attended AP between 1959 and 1965, a great time to be growing up with all kids playing out rather than being distracted by 'devices' of one sort or another. There were very, very few overweight kids back then-most covered a lot of ground during the day, running around, playing games with other kids. Most walked to school rather than it is for many today-taken to school by parents in the car. There was still the 'wow' factor then for kids like a free gift being given away in a comic or a favourite TV show (on black and white TV!) We played games and organised our own games in the playground, swapped bubble him cards, played marbles etc. The head teacher was Mr Drummond, the sanction of choice then was 'the belt' that most boys got for anything. It was wrong of course, but we saw it then as an 'occupational hazard.' My favourite teacher was Mrs McFarlane. We went to Galloway House in the last year at the school, but for me it was a less than happy experience! Finished at Xmas 1965, starting in Jan.1966 at Whitehill. The 60s was a great time for music-the Beatles for one of the great acts back then-we LIVED through it all and it was the soundtrack to our lives!

#3 - W. Mcmaster replied on the 26/05/2024 7:40:54 PM

I attended alexandra parade school 1950 to 1957 remember the good times our teacher was a Mrs Michell only name I can remember Friday's were crafty day 3.00 to 4.00 (yes we did stay in till 4 o'clock ) making raffia mat's among other things, in the winter our milk had to to be put on the radiator to thaw it out. The toilets were outside great in the winter when pipes froze. In our last quallie year custom was to write a play and perform it our play was titled TARTAN PAINT a lot of fun after a rehearsal in the radio room 3 of us shut ourselves in a cupboard below a window next class in called us out we got away with it as a prank fun times to many other things to write about

#4 - Stuart McDonald replied on the 23/06/2024 7:10:15 PM

Attended Alexandra Parade from 1962 to 1969.
Teachers included Mrs MacKenzie and Mrs Mitchell and the Head Master was Mr Drummond.
I remember classmates such as Ian Law, Robert Morrison, Alan Stevenston, Graham Hay, Gordon Wright, Mary Huxstable, Christine McIvor, Gillian Doig and Irene Wright.
Ran in the same relay team that came third at Scotstoun (we lost because we some of us were put in the wrong lanes by the organisers) with Peter Scobbie, Bert MacDougal, John (Gus) Currie and Scott MacKenzie.
I only remember Pearl Goodwin from the girls team.

It was such a long time ago but I remember AP with only great memories.
An excellent place of learning.

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