Park cinema

Alfred Nobile posted on the 30/03/2024 11:49:22 PM

Does anyone remember the Park cinema. I remember seeing Davy Crocket there. Also the Parade cinema. Does anyone remember where the ABC minors were held. Saturday morning pictures?

#1 - Andrew Ross replied on the 31/03/2024 4:03:00 PM

The abc minors were held in the Dennistoun picture house and had monitors which I was one. We got free entry and wore a large abc badge and were issued with a torch.The morning show was on a Sat from 9am till 12 noon, and showed lots of serials and cartoons.
The Park cinema was located on the street behind the Parade and was regarded as the local flea pit.
Ah fond memories!

#2 - Alfred Nobile replied on the 1/04/2024 4:01:03 PM

Yes Andrew Ross fond memories indeed. I loved the ABC minors and the long running serials. Would be great if they brought something like back for kids nowadays.

#3 - W. Mcmaster replied on the 7/04/2024 11:46:05 AM

I went to the abc minors at the parade cinema on a Saturday morning back in the early 50s remember the bouncing ball when we were singing it moved along the screen following the words, childish songs but were funny at the time. It was here that I saw one of the first 3d movies about life on a farm all sitting there with our 3d glasses on and gasps when you thought something was crashing out of the screen towards you, simple pleasures of the time.

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