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growing up in dennistoun

jeanette posted on the 18/02/2013 6:05:49 AM

I've noticed that all the memories of growing up in Dennistoun seem to have Fisher St, Edmund St, MacIntosh St and Ark Lane as their focus for happy memories of the area. I was born in Dennistoun and lived in various places in Glasgow until 1957 when we moved to Edmund St. I too think of that area in Dennistoun as providing some of the best times of my childhood---but I notice that no-one seems to post memories of other areas in Dennistoun. There don't appear to be any from people who grew up in the 'Drives' for example. I wonder if the area I lived in was different from the others, and if so why. I know we kids had a lot of freedom in the area we lived. Did they have the same freedoms in the 'better off' parts?Or were we particularly lucky. I'd be interested to hear what others think of this. Cheers.

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#1 - joe mc dermott replied on the 18/02/2013 6:29:23 PM

Hi Jeanette , yep you have a good point , I think being brought up in the streets was a bit lower than than drives , for example we use to rake the midges in the backcourts !! honest , but when we went up to the drives we called them the lucky midges there were better stuff up there , we also used to steal crab apples and ordinaty apples up there to , also remember the caterpillars on the bushes in the gardens , there was also inchcoo stuff we put down other kids backs to make them itchy ! great fun , where we stayed we had dykes to climb the hoey and the yardy I think thatsd what they were caled , my favourite was on a saturday Michael Deans Lawrence Brolly and myself would go up the drives and have an expedition around all the fancy houses to see what we could nick sorry about that , the two led me astray ! do you remember Mrs Lightbodys wee grocer shop just next to Miss Lauders house my mum and dad owned it before her im afraid my old dad liked his whisky !! so it did not last very long the shop , I had a friend who stayed in broompark dr when we were very young Alec Burden stayed accross from Johhn Piries newsagent John is still alive ! my big brother Neil met about a year ago , it was nice to hear from you Jeanette all the best Joe

#2 - jeanette replied on the 27/02/2013 10:52:55 PM

Thanks for your reply Joe, I remember the name Lawrence Brolly but nothing about him. I don't remember the grocer's shop unless it was the one just around the corner from Edmund St in Dunchatten St. Was John Piries' newsagent the one just on the corner of Edmund St/ Dunchatten St, just next to Jackie Reilly's close? I only lived there for about 3 years so my memory of these places is not as good as yours. I often wonder though what it must have been like for the women living in these tenements. While it was great fun for the kids,it might have been quite oppressive for some of the adults. Our house was on the ground floor at the back of the close with windows overlooking the back court only. During our whole time there, there was a burst sewage pipe and the back was continuously contaminated with foul water so that we couldn't play out there. I'm guessing it must have smelled too although I don't remember any smell. The conditions were appalling and when we moved from there in 1959/60 I assumed it was because the houses were coming down. I seem to remember that they'd been condemned before we even moved in. I later learned that people were still living in them in the 1970's.

#3 - Billy replied on the 28/02/2013 8:13:40 PM

Hi Jeanette and Joe, I was just wondering if it was high Edmund St or low Edmund st you lived,I know Joe Lived on Ark Lane,I remember Jackie he lived in the ground floor with his Mother first close low Eveline St next door to paper shop think it was Dixons, it wasn't John Piries as his shop was on Ark Lane.Things were hard for all of us but we all mucked in and made the best of it,I remember the lucky midges Joe but cant put a face to Lawrence Brolly but know the name, what school did he go to?.

#4 - jeanette replied on the 28/02/2013 9:15:06 PM

Hi Billy, I lived in low Edmund St. Number 34, next close to Jackie Reilly. Thanks for the name of the newsagents on the corner. Was John Pirie's the one near the top of Ark Lane on a corner. We used to buy our sweets at a shop up there on our way to school. I knew it as a sweetie shop but it was probably a newsagent.

#5 - Billy replied on the 28/02/2013 9:59:09 PM

John Piries was the shop on Ark Lane, he sold everything as most of the shops in Dennistoun did,on the opposite corner to Dixons was Flemings there were that many shops in the area it was fantastic, at one time we had three chip shops on Dunchattan St two ice cream shops and numerous grocer shops, I went to Golfhill School in the fifties but left to go to the housing schemes that were popping up about that time, I returned in 1964 and lived there until 1969 when I married, I left Glasgow in 1974 and have been lucky enough to have worked all over the world, I am now retired and live in Southern Spain.

#6 - joe mc dermott replied on the 4/03/2013 7:20:46 PM

Hi Billy I think Lawrence came from Coatbridge originally he also had 3 sisters rosemary , denise cant remember the other , he went to st Marys in the calton with me and Michael Deans lived next closed to me in ark lane the close next to where miss lauders big house , betty Kelly has asked me me to ask you your second name if you dont mind , Betty is getting an operation on her foot tomorrow , was thinking about the clayhill at the weekend , I wonder if you could sell the clay
to artists !!! anyway it was nice reading your we bit cheers, I am going into see Betty tomorrow after her OP will give her your regards cheers for now billy Joe

#7 - JIM DUNCAN replied on the 5/03/2013 11:10:29 AM

HI JOE.Was miss lauders house the big one in its own grounds on the left just after you turn left from broompark drive going down ark lane.if it was the family that had were the mitchells i remember often being in there as we all used to hang around firpark terrace and go down there a lot to have record sessions.this was around 1968-1970.names i remember from around dunchatten street were jimmy shields.shuggie learmont,harry lee,rab purdie alex weatherall,tony glackin.wullie barnett,the mckenzie brothers rab&bill to name but a few.i am now 60 so might be a wee bit younger than you ....anyway all the best JIM

#8 - Big Wullie replied on the 5/03/2013 4:20:57 PM

Never lived in the area, but went to school with a few friends who did this was in1949/1951+- Dennistoun JS, Robert Ferrie, Edwin Burrows, Willie Torrance,Dougie Walker, Nancy Crockett, and Truswell can't remember first name.

#9 - joe mc dermott replied on the 5/03/2013 7:33:28 PM

Hi Jim your dead right miss Lauder stayed there in the 50s 60s I also used to play with a boy and girl who lived in the house not sure the name though , I ran about with harry lees big brother wullie , your right about the age bit 5 yrs is big jump , I left Glasgow in 1972 for Livingston !! what a mistake that was , going to see Betty Parker on friday Billys big sister , visit glasgow every week just about , anyway nice to hear from you Jim cheers Joe

#10 - Debbie replied on the 15/09/2013 12:28:21 PM

What a lot of great memories that have came flooding back thanks to all your posts! Joe you lived at 114 Ark Lane as did I, I lived in the top flat with my grandparents the Donaldson's, I can remember your family and yourself. I was a few years younger than you and can remember you moved away I think to get married? I also remember the Brolly's in particular Elaine, who used to baby sit me when I was a baby. The Mitchell's lived in the same house as Miss Lauder but they owned the bottom half. Jackie,Lorraine and Cameron. I am still in touch with Jacke and her family. To Jim Duncan I also remember the record sessions and a couple of the names you mentioned. I can remember chalking beds outside my close and playing them with friends and being made scrub them off by either Miss Lauder or Miss Nugent! Also remember lucky midges of which you did not share where they were except with your very best palls. I also remember keeping look out at Tennents gate so my cousins could get past the watchie, to steel the empty Coka Cola bottles which we took to Lena's cafe in dunchatten st in exchange for sweets. I have lots more memories if anyone would like to hear more let me know. Kind Regards Debbie

#11 - Beth replied on the 25/09/2013 10:16:18 AM

Good reading your posts, Allan grew up in Lower Fisher STreet and was buddies with Joe McDermott. When we got married in 1969 we moved into 57 Edmund Street until we emigrated in 1972

#12 - joe mc dermott replied on the 27/09/2013 12:24:55 AM

Hi Beth nice to see you online again, I hope you and Alan are both well , going to the pavilion tomorrow with Betty, Billy and Linda to see an old 50s 60s music concert bring back memories !! , My big brother has altzimers now pretty grim and his wife is being looked after by Marie Curie nurses , so im pretty busy running in and out of Kirkintilloch where they live , i have to say hello from Jim Billy Ian and Betty to you both , hope your enjoying your retirement God bless   Joe

#13 - john kerr replied on the 11/08/2017 7:19:18 PM

I lived in high Fisher st around 1952 at the bottom of the clay hill then in early 1953 move up to Edmund street No 69 second close down from the swing park on the same side, those swings were the biz for a five year old and FREE , the family .. Parents William and Helen,Bill,Elizabeth,Myself and wee brother Douglas remained there till early 1956 then moved out to a brand new house in Garthamlock with A BATH AND INSIDE TOILET........ the rest as they say, is history

#14 - jeanette replied on the 12/08/2017 9:23:08 AM

To John Kerr.
I'm wondering if you knew the Clark family. They lived near the swings on the same side. Alan was in my class at school. He had a sister, Joyce, and 3 brothers I think. Angus and Alistair were 2 of them and I can't remember the other one's name. They were all younger than Alan. I'm pretty sure their dad worked in Tenants brewery. The family moved to Easterhouse in the early 60's not far from where I lived but as we got older I lost touch with both Alan and Joyce. I've often wondered what happened to them.

#15 - Joe Mc Dermott replied on the 14/08/2017 7:01:49 AM

Hi Jeanette myself and Billy Parker and Ian rennox meet up and go for walks every couple of months and walk where we used to run about in Dennistoun the rocks the graveyard wall we even climb up it !! just accross from Golfhill school and many other areas of our past , there is a site called Glasgow chronicals with lots of stuff on it it brings back great memories old black and white photos , we are meeting up this week on Thursday for an other adventure just lost my big brother to Altzimers been with me for 70 years anyway it was nice to see you online again Joe Mc Dermott

#16 - jeanette replied on the 15/08/2017 8:50:57 AM

Hi Joe
Sorry to hear about your brother. It's still a loss no matter how old you are. I envy you your regular walks with pals you've had all your life. Being a migrant (I live in Australia)that kind of continuity is something I miss. Thanks by the way for mentioning the Glasgow Chronicles. I've just spent a good part of my morning looking at the photos. Nice to hear from you again too.

#17 - anon replied on the 3/09/2017 10:21:11 AM

Hi Jeanette, unfortunately that name does not ring any bells the only family name I remember were the Archibalds who lived at number 71, right next to those well loved swings.As I write this I've remembered my Mother worked in the fishmongers in Duke St just round the corner from Dunchattan St going towards Duke St Hospital

#18 - Dennistonian replied on the 4/09/2017 10:10:06 AM

To all those who have been posting, thank you for sharing all your memories. I grew up in Royston in the 70s but visited Duke Street practically every Saturday to go to Radio Rentals to pay our television or go to Fine Fare with my mum. Was such a thriving community and passing all the big houses made me feel like I was in a different world. Please keep sharing!

#19 - James Mc replied on the 4/09/2017 12:32:04 PM

Dennistonian... I did the opposite journey to you in the 70s.

We lived in the Drives, but every week we would walk up to my grannies house in the Sighthill flats. We would walk along Alexandra Parade, and cross over at Wills, to the footbridge across the motorway near the Cup and Saucer.

From there we would walk along James Nisbet St, past the playpark at Rhymer Street, and down to cross the big motorway interchange which was being built over the years, past Baird St police station to the high flats.

Apart from the flats themselves, most of this route still exists.

#20 - charlie wylie replied on the 6/11/2017 1:34:59 PM

Hi I lived above Edna shop at 79 fisher street and want to golf hill school I was both 1941 our neighbours were the reds the Mathew and the gavigans,does anyone remember me all the best

#21 - TERRY SMILLIE replied on the 27/02/2018 1:01:44 PM


#22 - Thomas Smith replied on the 2/12/2018 1:54:37 PM

I lived at 45 fisher street (above the sweetie shop) from the early fifties until 1966. I had great times, sad to see it is all gone (though understandable) I remember Tony Glackin and the name Jim Learmont. Been great reviewing the posts.

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