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James Mc posted on the 21/07/2017 4:10:12 PM

Trying hard to remember old shops from the 70s from all over Dennistoun.

I recall vividly being sent down Whitehill St to "Robbs" newsagent (now part of Tapa), and a trip into "Frasers" dairy (now Londis) to get milk and a pan loaf. Also on that row of shops was Dr Chazan's doctor's surgery (empty now), and across Roselea Dr was the "Mini Market" (now Day-Today) who used to take ginger bottles off you for money.

At the corner with Duke St was the butchers - demolished when that building came down - now where Coias Cafe is. Across from it was Pete's Eats chippie (now Neptune), the laundrette, and Quinns pet shop right on the corner (now a Pawnie)

As a kid, I used to go along to Sutherlands Toy Shop (where Tibo is now) and buy Star Wars figures with my pocket money. Further along Duke Street - last shop before the fence (now Duke of Iron) was another small toy shop which used to sell Airfix models and paints. There was a shoe shop somewhere long there as well.

Across Duke St there was a big Clydesdales telly shop (now Salvation Army) and a Tot Spot kids clothes shop (Hospice Shop now i think).

Other small shops of yesterday was the wee newsagents on Garthand Drive at Armadale St where I would get Nutella and a packet of football cards with bubblegum in them. I think this shop has been open a few times, a lettings agency most recently) Then there was a wee shop across from the Whitehill Pool on the corner on Onslow Drive which I used to go to on the way to the matinee at the Parade cinema - I think it's a cafe now.

There used to be a whole load of wee old-fashioned shops on Alexandra Park street before they nkocked that side down to make the road wider, though I can only remember the Golf Cafe (now empty I think) on the other side which used to sell ice lollies on the way up to the park

Not to mention the Fine Fare - I was at the grand opening, when Denis Waterman, at the height of his Sweeney, Minder fame, opened it. I also saw it demolished. Used to play all over the old Whitehill School, both before and after it was closed down, demolished.

Does anyone remember Cecil Wheelbarrow playing there?

Thanks for listening to my nostalgic drivel :)

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#1 - Nat replied on the 22/07/2017 8:27:51 AM

I loved Sutherlands, was that not the wee toy shop at the end, was there a Toy Master there at one point as well? I remember getting dragged to Fine Fare on many occassions, loved running up and down the side stairs though!

#2 - Dennistonian replied on the 22/07/2017 8:28:37 AM

What a great message. My family and I would come down from Royston to Duke Street to pay our telly rental at 'Radio Rentals'. We used to also go into the toy shop at Tibo and also next door to the wee shop to buy Ritchie Richie and Wendy the Witch comics. Anyone know what it was called? We also shopped in fine fare.

#3 - R.P. replied on the 22/07/2017 11:04:56 AM

Am sure the shop you are thinking of was called Cook's. Also recall at other side of street at the crossing was Masons papershop.

#4 - Davy replied on the 22/07/2017 3:56:00 PM

I can remember most of these. I recall a DIY shop where Coia's is with an entrance on both Duke St and Whitehill St. Other notable shops, J Cook book shop where you could take a boo back and get a discount on your next one. THis was the shop at the other end of the block from Sutherlands toy shop i.e at the gardens at the bottom of Craigpark. There was an army navy shop between there are Sutherlands where i bought my Doc Martens. I remember a City Bakeries and a record shop (Tam's?) across from Peter's on Duke St. Further along near Meadowpark St there was Blair's newsagent and across from there an aquarium. At the Duke St/ Cumbernauld Road junction there was Roselea cafe who had the first ever video arcade game in Dennistoun (space invaders, a whole load of these were added to shops all over Dennistoun soon after) and a sports goods shop next door that doubled as an old coin dealer. However,as a young boy he jewel in Duke Street's crown was The Rendevous Cafe at the corner of Sword Steet, a beautiful old Italian cafe with the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

Other shops I remember, tiny little store on Onslow Dr near the corner of Cumbernauld Road, a larger newspaper shop I delivered for at that very corner,shop at corner of Finlay Drive and Meadowpark Street now converted into a house and Celino's being on a corner site and selling only fruit although I don't recall ever seeing anyone in it.

#5 - Ian replied on the 23/07/2017 12:32:41 AM

Yes, there was Cooks bookstore, where you also got all the american comics like Superman etc. There was also another Cooks on Cumbernauld Rd at one time. Must have been near Roslea cafe.
There was Doigs toyshop, near Meadowpark St. Mcraes Fruit shop. I also remember the Army/Navy next to Cooks.
Le Rendezvous, as someone mentioned. Never tasted another Ice Cream even close to it! Birrells sweet shop! City bakeries, with the Tea room in the back.
Duke St used to be a great place.

#6 - James Mc replied on the 23/07/2017 12:47:15 PM

Thanks for all the responses, glad to see there's a few here from the old days.

"J Cook." - yes that was the name of the comic shop. I remember my mother being very impressed with them when they refused to sell me glue for my latest model plane - she took me back down to get it for me.

And the red Army & Navy stores beside it, I'd forgotten all about that shop - only ever went in to buy black sannies for school.

Sutherlands became a ToyMaster (or else joined the franchise, not sure which) before it finally shut down. I remember all through the 70s and early 80s their window had little things bouncing on springs up and down. Loved it. Was sorry to see it go.

Farther up Hillfoot St there was a bingo hall, you went into what looked like a normal close, and it opened out into a huge underground bingo hall.

Loved the City Bakeries, used to buy a buttered roll in there and get a banana from the fruit shop to make a banana buttie.

For some reason I though the record shop was called Dougies, not Tam's. Maybe a different owner at a different time. You'd buy a record in there and they'd put it in a carrier bag with "I found it at Dougies" on the side. I might have the name wrong, it was a long time ago.

On Duke Street I also remember the TSB and the Clydesdale Banks.

Agree about the Rendezvous - it would have done really well now with all the classy eateries around. I remember the Roselea Cafe, I seem to remember we called it Aldos Cafe, but I might be mistaken.

Another one I meant to write about in the original message was the black ornate Chemists at the corner of Armadale and Duke St. I used to love the windows, which were stained glass.

Thanks for reminding me of all this.

#7 - Iain Robertson replied on the 25/07/2017 1:37:17 AM

I lived in 3 Whitehill street in the fifties early sixties above the butchers. I understand we may have been the first close to have a gate to stop the Dennistoun Pally boys ducking in the close to relieve themselves.

There was Hacketts the cobbler and the snooker hall in Hillfoot st, there was a cycle shop crn Roselea Dr and Whitehill. Perth the cleaners were # 6 Whitehill? and opposite them was Rex the cleaners beside the fish & chip shop.

There was also a men's outfitters crn Garfield & Duke st with a pub on the opposite crn.

Apologies if I have erred it has been a long time.

Iain Robertson
A.K.L. N.Z.

#8 - Alan replied on the 25/07/2017 10:06:18 AM

George the grocery shop in Aberfeldy St and opposite Mays the stationery shop and doctors surgery next door.

#9 - Paul replied on the 26/07/2017 3:02:20 PM

Not forgetting "Gerrys" - Whitehill street now Londis.

#10 - km replied on the 31/07/2017 12:07:19 AM

there was a shop on Hillfoot Street, but you walked through a close to get to it and they made sweets. Tablet and the like. Anyone else remember that?

#11 - Alan replied on the 31/07/2017 3:20:05 AM

Ginos the ice cream /milk bar, opposite Kennyhill school.he also had a small shop actually in the park by the water fountain along from the venue where players acted and entertained.

#12 - The Mentalist replied on the 1/08/2017 9:42:37 AM

I remember the fruit shop in Duke Street that has a resident grumpy cat. There was also Galls, Birrells and Doigs which was a newsagents that sold the wee paints for model making. I remember going to the Aquarium at lunchtime which was around the area where JRs Hair Salon now is. There was Beveridge Brothers and a whole host of pubs. I remember Coias when it was a proper café. Tony's Café and that glorious ice cream. Fine Fare seemed huge at the time. And there was also loads of banks.

#13 - Irene Robertson replied on the 9/01/2019 8:23:01 PM

There was a lovely baby clothes shop on Duke st called Little Folk.... the window displays were lovely and changed every week.. they did Italian knitwear for children and lovely hats...there was another shop very old fashioned sold childrens clothes too at Whitevale st right on the corner, cant remember the name...Along the onther end at Bellgrove was a house factors where you paid your rent and waited a big queue to do it... Blacks dairy still there today next to it in Bellgrove....The Rendevous cafe at Sword st was back in time.. and run by a strange wee man who had a daughter with some type of disability who helped out serving.... down from the cafe in Sword st was Remnant Kings and I got my material in there for a few weddings to have dresses made... The was another cafe in I think Bathgate st...we all used to go to in the 60s but the name escapes me..Munros butchers and other great butchers in Duke st...nice shops at one time. and a pleasure to shop there... I remember the Palais dance hall ,it was beauiful inside with stars all over the ceiling. and a lovely night club downstairs that no one seemed to go to . I thought it was beautiful all blue hidden lighting and white metal furniture on a verandah. very romantic ..... then it turned into a roller skating rink then a supermarket the same street was a tailor think it was something Dick. and he made suits for the stars.. one being Sean Connery ... it had such a great name for a tiny shop at that time.........Up the same street I think was Russells shop that sold loads of things like formica.. paint etc..

#14 - joe Mc Dermott replied on the 14/01/2019 8:44:41 PM

this is for Irene Robertson did you live just across from the old post office on duke st I cant remember the name of the st the Variety bar was just round the corner cheers

#15 - Doreen replied on the 9/02/2019 11:17:00 AM

There was also a hat and glove shop across from the post office. Got a ludicrous orange trilby in the sale and loved it. A home made sweetie shop too... a grain store further along. The barbers that was near the Shelter Charity many. Sad to see so many local businesses shut down because of supermarkets and bigger shops.

#16 - Ian replied on the 9/02/2019 4:59:12 PM

Doreen, the sweet shop was 'Catherine Jacks.'

#17 - Hello replied on the 18/04/2019 1:34:22 PM

Does anyone remember the old sweetie shop Cumbernauld road just before Duke street. Used to go in after swimming whitevale baths

#18 - m 836134 replied on the 23/04/2019 6:12:45 PM

record shop was bruces

#19 - The Mentalist replied on the 24/04/2019 9:37:58 AM

I remember the shops on Alexandra Park Street before they were demolished for the widening of the road. There was a wool shop and across the road was the Golfhill Café.

#20 - texscot50 replied on the 2/06/2019 10:52:44 AM

Lived on Glenpark St. 50s and 60s went to Joe Mulholland newsagents and Kates Diary. Dans sweetie shop, Joes for rolls and Nans fruit shop

#21 - Cole replied on the 16/06/2019 11:44:44 AM

Does anyone remember the cafe on bell field street? It's not an Indian take away . I remember it being a cafe in the 90's ... not sure how long before that it had been there

#22 - Tony replied on the 20/06/2019 10:39:41 PM

Does anyone remember the name of the chippy at the bottom of Whitehill St before it was Peres eats I'm thinking it was the golden fry but not sure

#23 - Mary replied on the 22/06/2019 10:50:19 PM

I remember bunking off school to see Dennis Waterman open the Fine Fare and did some work experience there too.

#24 - Robert replied on the 1/07/2019 8:38:39 PM

I remember the cafe in Bellfield Street, It was there when I was a kid ( I'm 57 now ) and was called The Gazelle.

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