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Free piano

Lili posted on the 23/01/2018 8:44:48 PM

Hello, we have an upright piano that’s looking for a new home! It’s in tune and in fairly good working order. Dark brown wood. We stay in Dennistoun.

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#1 - Richie replied on the 26/01/2018 2:28:57 PM

Hello, what size is it? May be interested

#2 - Lili replied on the 26/01/2018 3:58:51 PM

Hello, it's 130cm wide and about 123cm tall.

#3 - St Denis replied on the 28/01/2018 8:30:18 PM

I could be interested in this for St Denis Primary School. Could I view the piano at some time if it's still available?


#4 - Lili replied on the 29/01/2018 10:55:17 AM

Of course. What is your phone number or email address?

#5 - Toby replied on the 30/01/2018 11:54:25 AM

Hi, if this falls through I'd like a look at it please.

#6 - Lili replied on the 30/01/2018 2:42:09 PM

Still no takers so delighted for you to come and have a look. What's your number?

#7 - Toby replied on the 30/01/2018 7:29:46 PM

Great. Number is 07449309001.

#8 - Kristen replied on the 1/04/2018 11:02:02 AM

Is this still available? I'd be interested! :)

#9 - OBO Lili replied on the 3/04/2018 5:55:16 PM

Hi Kristen, I'm afraid the piano found a new home a couple of weeks ago.

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