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Clearing pavements

Anon posted on the 2/03/2018 12:27:16 PM

Thanks to those who have been clearing snow off the pavements and actually making it slippy to walk on!

The crunchy snow is easy to walk on - albeit slow - at least it's not slippy.

Please stop being so helpful!

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#1 - anon replied on the 2/03/2018 2:28:42 PM

Thats before the snow gets compacted and then is much worse to walk on. We are supposed to clear the pavements outside our houses and shops have to do the same. // If your finding things slippy then there are lots of grit bins //.

#2 - Anon replied on the 2/03/2018 4:22:20 PM

"we are supposed to clear the pavements outside our houses" says who? It's not written in the law and so not enforceable.

"Remember the snow code
Don’t be afraid to clear paths in fear someone will get injured
People walking on snow and ice have the responsibility to be careful
Don’t make the pathways more dangerous by causing them to refreeze"

#3 - Gillian replied on the 2/03/2018 4:22:58 PM

Totally agree with anon, already starting to compact down and will not be going anywhere until the middle of next week.

#4 - anon replied on the 2/03/2018 4:27:22 PM

Readyscotland website - Can I clear my path or pavement outside my house?

#5 - Anon replied on the 2/03/2018 5:05:59 PM

There’s been a burst water pipe near the bottom of meadowpark street for weeks now. The pavement is an ice rink but the water board can’t do anything about it as it’s the tenaments responsibility as it’s up their path .

#6 - JK replied on the 3/03/2018 11:47:54 AM

// Someone has taken the time to make the paths safer and you are complaining about it. The ice comes from the snow, which has now been cleared in some streets thanks to the hard work of local people. Compacted snow is much more dangerous than a clear path. //

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to do this to help others.

#7 - Gail replied on the 3/03/2018 6:29:16 PM

My 75 year old neighbour was out helping today. North Lanarkshire council are asking the public to help clear their paths. Great to see some community spirit.

#8 - Dennistonian replied on the 3/03/2018 6:30:02 PM

Great community spirit. Well done to all those who have worked hard!

#9 - Gail Lumsden replied on the 4/03/2018 10:09:30 AM

Anybody checked out the routes to school and paths to front doors?

#10 - Carol replied on the 5/03/2018 11:16:00 PM

It's great to see people go out off there way to clear paths to help others , it has always been automatic that people cleared there own paths ,and it doesn't have to be written in stone it was always just helping your neighbors. nowadays people are just to lazy and want the council to do all the work ,or anybody but them .some people just don't care about what's outside there front door .

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