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Bike stolen from close - Craigpark

Catsmaw posted on the 30/04/2018 10:35:41 AM

My neighbour's bike was stolen from the ground floor of our close at 11.20am Sunday 29th April. The secure entry door was forced open and the bike was ripped from the cast iron railings it was chained to - breaking one of these into 3 pieces.

We ran out when we heard the noise, only to see the guy disappearing out the door & heading east on Craigpark Drive on the bike.

The police have been informed, but I just wanted to remind everyone to be extra vigilant

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#1 - Onslow replied on the 7/05/2018 10:30:55 AM

That is terrible for your neighbour and I have a lot of sympathy for them. No one deserves to be robbed.

However I do wish that people would not leave bikes chained to the bottom of the stairs, in full view to all-and-sundry passing. Neighbours in my close do the same, and it's just an open invitation to burglars to try the door, and burst it open if able, to get to it. Meaning and owner is down 1 bike and we're all on the hook for the cost of a replacement lock/door.

I know having a bike in your flat isn't ideal. But having it sitting in full view of passers by is unfortunately asking for trouble.

#2 - anon replied on the 11/05/2018 12:50:35 AM

I hate the selfish people who don't want to mess up their flats with their bikes, so they chain it in the close or stairs leaving everyone else to try and squeeze past it without catching their ankles on the pedals.
the bannisters are there to help people get up and down the stairs safely not for dumping bikes on.
I bet a lot of your neighbours are secretly happy that the bike is gone, I would be asking the idiot that chained the bike there to pay for a new lock AND for getting the bannister repaired - it was his fault after all

#3 - resident replied on the 18/05/2018 1:59:59 PM

I'm obviously not a fan of bike theft in any circumstance, but I echo the above comments.

As a matter of basic security, simple courtesy to neighbors, and for obvious safety reasons, bikes shouldn't be locked to stairs.

Vigilance, alone, is not enough to prevent bikes getting stolen when this advice is ignored.

#4 - CV3V replied on the 21/05/2018 2:56:09 PM

Modern developments are supposed to have 100% capacity for bikes, with provision in communal areas designed in i.e. in 'full view'. I saw a tenement where the residents had got together and put in a bike rack in the communal stairwell, a vertical rack mounted onto the wall that took up little space.

#5 - sg3 replied on the 25/05/2018 9:28:24 AM

I agree with all the comments above. Obviously theft is awful but I have no sympathy for someone leaving their bike in shared hallways. They are an eyesore and could block someones exit if there was a fire.

I've heard of at least 6 bike thefts in Dennistoun since January, all from shared hallways...hopefully my neighbours will get the news and I won't need to look at them anymore.

#6 - anon replied on the 29/05/2018 10:06:43 AM

Lol, you can't win in Dennistoun, whether you have a car or bike! I have had 4 bikes stolen from my back close over the years in Dennistoun - this was despite £50 kryptonite u locks. I never parked in the close myself out of consideration for others but I have some sympathy for people who do if they thought theft might be less likely. Carrying a bike up 3 flights of stairs to my flat 3 times a day was quite a task as a 45kg woman, so that's why I hoped for some success out the back court. Now because of all the bikes that were stolen and the 'couldn't care less' police response I have resorted to getting a car instead - which is a shame as I know we all struggle with car spaces and I would have been someone who would have been happy to continue cycling.

#7 - Pat replied on the 31/05/2018 4:39:05 PM

The lesson here is, don't rely on cast iron balustrades to secure a bike. It's quite brittle. Bike thieves know this and have been doing it for decades. I've no problem personally with bikes in the close but they are irresistible to thieves! Quite how anyone can manage to cycle in Dennistoun with zero provision for bikes on the road is another matter!

#8 - anon replied on the 3/06/2018 6:26:14 PM

I sympathise that your bike was stolen but reiterate others and agree that the close is not the place to be parking bikes nor (controversially) should prams, mobility scooters etc be left in the close either. A safe exit is needed should there be an emergency such as a fire, when visibility could be poor if there was smoke or if you are in a blind panic. If you have a factor, see if they will fit a more secure bike rack in the back court or really you do need to humph it into your flat - this is what I did and whilst I didn't use it as often because of the feat of taking it up and down 3 flights of stairs, I at least knew it was less likely to be nicked and wasn't causing an obstruction to my neighbours.

#9 - WB replied on the 21/07/2018 6:11:37 PM

Bikes secured to railings is a no go
The stairs and close are classed as fire escape and so should be clear at all time.
The city council and housing association reiterated this point to their tenants after the Grenfell tower disaster some surveyed there properties and posted letters informing tenants to clear anything bikes prams toys from landings stairwells
I also find it very annoying to open my door to find 1 to 2 bikes chained to the railings. Left by young bikers who cycle to be fit save environment but can't take bike upstairs into their own flat / space but quite happy to leave in mine.

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