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Parking in Dennistoun

Nacerdine Tcheir posted on the 8/06/2018 12:58:25 PM

I stay in Golfhill drive, over the last couple of years, parking in the area has become increasingly difficult for most of the residents in the area. I spoke to quite a lot of people about this issue and they all feel frustrated and annoyed by what's going on right now. People from City Park, Royal Infirmary and other local companies in the area, park their cars in the morning and leave them until the evening before they pick them up. This is unfair, unjust and careless.

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#1 - DC replied on the 9/06/2018 10:22:58 AM

It never fails to amaze me at the brass neck of some people. We live in the new builds at Dennistoun Village and quite a few selfish people park in our private car park. We shouldn't be struggling to park as we pay such a high amount for the upkeep of the road and bought a flat that came with parking!

I keep hearing talk about permits, loads of discussions but there never seems to be any action!

#2 - Onslow replied on the 11/06/2018 10:49:00 AM

CityPark, GRI and the other favourite local parking bogeymen are only a part of the problem.

On my section of Onslow Drive, between Armadale and Whitehall Street, there are 8 blocks on each side of the street. Assuming 8 flats to a block, and every Flat had 1 car, that's 128 cars. The street probably has space for half that amount.

In the 10 or so years I've lived here, the demographic of the area has changed. And while that may on the whole be a good thing, rising car ownership among residents in an area designed and built before the advent of the car is bound to cause friction.

I remember years ago, even late at night, it wasn't uncommon for there to be quite a bit of space left on the roads. Now, we're full to the gunnels with cars parked in every nook and cranny.

I understand the frustration. And I even share in it. It's annoying to drive around for ages, park miles away and humpf shopping home. But then I remember, I have no more right than anyone to park here, tenements don't come with dedicated parking. And, after all, as a car owner, I'm part of the problem, not the solution.

#3 - GA replied on the 11/06/2018 2:03:24 PM

I think there would be enough space if you took away commuters, GRI and City Park. We wouldn't and probably won't ever all be able to park within 5 feet of our front doors but that's not what most people expect or are asking for. There are spaces if they weren't being used by people that don't live here so much. The sheer volume of people parking in the area that don't live here is the main part of this problem. Evenings, weekends and holidays regularly demonstrate this on my street as well as others that I pass through in the area.

Permits work in other places and I think they would work here too. They would make things better at the very least.

I've complained to the council multiple times, written to local Councillors and reported cars blocking access to 101. Positive responses from Councillors but nothing has happened and no help at all from the council or police (even when roads are blocked and emergency vehicles would not be able to access or when cars are parked in the few places where there are lines / restrictions).

Does anyone have any other suggestions about how we can get the council to listen and take action or to get police to do something about blocked roads etc? I'd really like it if my new car didn't get bashed the way my old car did just from parking near my home.

#4 - CV3V replied on the 11/06/2018 4:24:37 PM

Dennistoun Village is a unique case, its a private road and not adopted by the council. So upkeep of the road and parking is private - the residents certainly have more right to park there. Best answer is to put up a parking barrier, same as the Firpark St development (if the fire brigade etc will allow it). When first built it was promoted as a 'gated community'.

As for the the rest of Dennistoun, having lived here for 12 years there may be some more cars in the area, but also the following has happened, all of which has reduced parking spaces in the area and forced more commuters into the area:
double yellows were added to street corners (fair enough)
Parking charges were introduced on Alexandra Parade, Duke Street and Firpark Street (the latter being 6 days per week)
Parking charges were introduced in the area around Hunter St, an area full of vacant land previously used by commuters - but the council wanted them to park in the new multi storey.
Residents parking scheme was introduced around the necropolis
Residents parking scheme was introduced around the Barras / Gallowgate
A lot of the commuter parking isnt just the GRI etc, its also city centre workers using the train from Bellgrove. So Dennistoun is getting it from all angles. I find it ironic when i see parking permits on cars parked in the area from Woodlands, and even Edinburgh. They can drive to Dennistoun and park for free all day, but we cant go park in the west end for free.

Damage to cars - I'd say about half the residents cars in my street have damage to them, usually on one of the front or back corners caused by other drivers trying to squeeze in to spaces too small. Also seen on two occasions someone bumping other cars then driving off.

#5 - WB replied on the 21/07/2018 5:43:59 PM

Just read this regarding parking.
Thought you should know that the council will not do anything to stop the parking problem in our area as they are the one's that allowed city park to advertise that any company moving to city park had free parking in surrounding area namely the streets of Denniston.

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