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Aircraft noise

Dennis posted on the 4/07/2018 1:19:37 PM

Is anyone else thinking there is increased aircraft noise? Does anyone know if this is to do with the proposed flight path changes.

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#1 - anon replied on the 4/07/2018 2:03:33 PM

There has for sure been a change

#2 - GA replied on the 4/07/2018 4:21:19 PM

I've noticed more noise more often. Maybe it's intentional to see if we notice or complain. I've sent emails inquiring about the additional air traffic above Dennistoun and the extra noise and would encourage others to do the same.

#3 - Dennis replied on the 5/07/2018 11:54:38 AM

Happy to email, could you please give me the email address?

#4 - GA replied on the 5/07/2018 4:23:12 PM

Consultation email is and the noise action plan email is

#5 - anon replied on the 6/07/2018 10:28:56 AM

I should also note that for certain there are more planes from 6am to 9am and also from 9pm to 12 (there was one 12.30 last night..). But this might also be seasonal. This time of year there are more planes in general.

#6 - The Mentalist replied on the 6/07/2018 12:15:18 PM

But, as long as our friends in Milngavie and Bearsden aren't disturbed by all that ghastly noise.

#7 - Dennis replied on the 10/07/2018 10:02:58 AM

Completely agree anon regarding the times. I thought Milgavie and Bearsden were set to be just as affected as us The Mentalist?

#8 - Anon replied on the 15/07/2018 10:16:25 AM

Woke up early this morning and all I can hear is plane after plane after plane. Got up to close the window to see if that would reduce the noise but the window wasn't open. Sounds like they have diverted lots of flights over us already regardless of consultation or concerns.

#9 - anon replied on the 18/07/2018 10:08:03 AM

Have emailed to note my concern, hopefully if enough people do it they will respond.

#10 - David replied on the 20/07/2018 6:56:14 PM

I have a phone app called "flight radar" which allows me to view flight path, airline plane type, speed ,height etc . I have been doing screen shots of the data on any noticeably loud flights when I'm in my flat over the last few weeks. It seems that the flight paths are being varied with a few coming in directly over rutherglen and dennistoun on approach at about 6000-6500ft with others approaching further to the east towards steps. Planes don't seem to be following a regular approach ..although why a flight had to come over dennistoun at 00.30hrs this morning from Tenerife is beyond me.

Take off to the north with easterly turn towards dennistoun also shows various flight paths being used some closer than others even when the flight has the same London destination. No flights i have recorded have so far used the proposed new flight path approach parallel to M8 at about 6000ft travelling west to the airport so I suspect they have not been doing this if this is of any reassurance?

I will keep collecting the screen shot data just in case it proves useful.

#11 - Dennis replied on the 26/07/2018 10:10:13 AM

Thanks for the info David really helpful to know

#12 - Flying overhead replied on the 7/08/2018 10:44:05 PM

I work from home most of the week and honestly it's very occasionally that I notice the aircraft overhead, unless it's a large aircraft (747,777) oddly I always notice the late night Ryanair flight from Dublin. Always flies over about 10/1030 every night. I emailed the consultation address with my concerns. I am satisfied that aircraft will be around 6000 ft by the time over head Dennistoun.

There will be an increase in noise but I don't think it will be detrimental to health considering other environmental factors that are at play in the area. Be fortunate not to live on the approach path of Heathrow, that's a plane landing almost every 60 seconds.

#13 - Jay replied on the 15/08/2018 9:36:45 PM

I can assure you that that planes don't just go over Dennistoun. I am on the flightpath which takes them along the Campsies and we have just as many planes over our area. I don't live in Milngavie or Bearsden, but can assure you its the same planes which go over them. I don't mind them even the huge ones which come down out of the clouds. The noise is no worse than the smaller ones. Just the price we pay if you take a flight or is it NIMBY. I am sure the people that live in the Clydebank area find it deafening more than us

#14 - David replied on the 16/08/2018 8:23:52 AM

The fairest way of spreading the inevitable noise is to vary the flight paths as they do now and therefore more people get some flights. The final approaches to the runways and take off are obviously fixed and if you live close to the airport you get all the flights. This is unavoidable.
The issue with the new flight path proposals is that instead of spreading out the flights so that "many get a few" the new approach is that " a few get all of them" and the number of flights will increase. Which doesn't seem fair. So I agree no NIMBY approach, but seems much fairer to spread the noise around by continuing to vary the flight paths as they do now and not fix them into a narrower flight path. That's the main issue I have as I realise that some aircraft noise is unavoidable. I also agree with #12 that the current noise levels are not a huge issue.

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