Glenpark Street

Janette Brownlie posted on the 31/12/2020 11:21:09 AM

Does anybody remember Glenpark Street tenants before it was demolished my grandpa and uncle lived there their names are Janet Hughes and James Ferguson

#1 - Janette McGill replied on the 12/01/2021 11:37:32 AM

I am looking for a certain fish and chip shop in Duke Street Dennistoun in the fifties sixties run by Frank and Margaret forgot their surname, can anybody help

#2 - Joan Taylor replied on the 25/01/2021 11:11:10 PM

My Mum and Dads first flat was in Glenpark St was door entrance on the street no close....

#3 - Laura replied on the 21/03/2021 11:36:47 PM

Hi Jeanette, I don't know if it's a coincidence, but my grandad was called James Scott Ferguson, was he your uncle? Lol x

#4 - Laura replied on the 22/03/2021 1:47:50 AM

Sorry for the error when typing your name Janette (auto correct)

#5 - Janette Brownlie replied on the 21/05/2021 9:58:58 AM

Laura my uncles name was James Spencer Ferguson he was a bachelor hope we can find out more about our past. Toodle oo for the noo Janette

#6 - jim burns replied on the 30/01/2022 10:58:12 PM

margarets chip shop was just up from the louden bar, best chippy in dennistoun, was always mobbed, she was related to ' nan ' who had the fruit shop down the road, and wullie and jimmy hamilton who had the stables in glenpark street.

#7 - anon replied on the 26/06/2022 4:04:27 PM

Anyone have black and white photos of Glenpark Street in the forties or fifties.

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