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Alley way behing Annfield post office

Lewis posted on the 20/02/2017 9:30:23 PM

On a number of occasions suspicious people hanging around the alley way, at entrance behind the annfield post office.
please report to the police if you see this, which I have, think may be drug related.

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#1 - TMc replied on the 27/02/2017 10:15:46 AM

I am a bit concerned about this as I often walk down the lane. Lewis can you say whether it is evening or weekends when it is happening and what the police have said.

#2 - Lewis replied on the 2/03/2017 12:05:26 AM

Hi TMc,

Tends to be weekday nights mostly.

The police were really good and responded quickly and said to continue to report anything suspicious. I have spoken to neighbors around the alley to keep an eye out too.

Stay safe.

#3 - Lewis replied on the 3/03/2017 2:14:14 PM

Hi all people hanging around again last night. Police will not come out now unless you psychically see drugs or alcohol. Please take care and report anything suspicious. I have contacted our MSP regarding this as worried police will not take notice until its too late

#4 - TMc replied on the 4/03/2017 2:51:40 AM

Thanks Lewis....I noticed the police were driving down the lane last Monday at 8pm. If I see anything suspicious I will report it whether the police come out or not.

#5 - Frank Plowright replied on the 9/03/2017 5:56:22 PM

Presuming the police attend, I'll raise this at next week's community council meeting. That the police won't come out unless drugs or alcohol is seen seemingly contradicts advice they've passed on through us in the past.

#6 - Frank Plowright replied on the 15/03/2017 8:20:26 PM

I mentioned the comment made about police not coming out unless drugs or alcohol are specifcially seen to the Police Sergeant attending the Community Council meeting last night. He said that's not the case, suspicious behaviour should always be reported, and he's taken a note of the location for further action. I'll follow-up before the next meeting. Associated with this, the advice the Community Council has always been given is that the more people that report something, the likelier it is that resources will be committed. There is now a dedicated local area team that won't get called away as support to other incidents, so that ought to improve police visibility.

#7 - Lewis replied on the 15/03/2017 10:26:54 PM

Thank you for raising this at the Community Council meeting, I assume the police are being more responsive now as our MSP contacted the commissioner by email. I have raised a complaint about the 101 call handler I spoke to as I was told 'unless you see alcohol/drugs there is nothing we can do, they're doing nothing wrong there is no trespass or loitering offences in Scotland....etc.' My wife is scared walking home so I hope to see an increased police presence/responsiveness going forward.

#8 - Jan replied on the 17/03/2017 9:05:47 AM

Hi all,
I phoned the police at 10pm regarding a man and women looking to be dealing drugs behind the post office, at entrance of the alley. Man and women left at 20 past having been there in total for 30 minutes. Police still haven't called back or came out. Also dispatcher (101) asked if I knew who they were/what there address was?!

#9 - anon replied on the 17/03/2017 12:11:14 PM

Normally, drug deals don't take longer than 30 seconds. If those two spend half an hour there, they were either taking the drugs or already wasted and hanging out.

#10 - tam replied on the 17/03/2017 4:44:55 PM

OR, they were utilising their right to be in public space...

#11 - Jan replied on the 17/03/2017 4:45:42 PM

Well I find it interesting that every Thursday night this is occurring...

#12 - Frank Plowright replied on the 18/03/2017 3:26:27 AM

I've drawn the new items in this thread to the attention of the police sergeant who attended the community council meeting on Tuesday and received the following response: "Thanks for the information; I have circulated it around the problem solving team and requested that they provide the area with extra attention."

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