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Back court bins

Pat posted on the 20/08/2016 12:17:30 AM

Our close has metal bins in the back court and the bin bags are always ripped open (presumably by foxes and squirrels) so I phoned the council to ask about wheelie bins instead but they said everyone in the close would have to buy their own at £40 a pop. Does everyone in Glasgow have to buy their own wheelie bins now?

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#1 - curiouscat replied on the 20/08/2016 11:14:28 AM

I tried this a few years ago and was told the same. they are supposed to be introducing wheely bins through out the city as part of their grand plan so if you can hold off, I would. We ended up getting some extra bins with lids for £8 from Poundies at The Forge. Put a note on the back door to put lids on bins and explained why and certainly the problem has improved here just now. Good luck.

#2 - Pat replied on the 21/08/2016 11:37:34 PM

Thanks curiouscat, I'll try and wait, but another notice for my student neighbours would always be fun!

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