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Best Factor in Dennistoun/Haghill

PapaSmurf posted on the 20/01/2016 1:06:37 PM

// Anyone have any recommendations and also cost approximations?

Many thanks!

18 Replies :

#1 - curiouscat replied on the 20/01/2016 2:04:16 PM

Milnbank by a country mile.

#2 - PapaSmurf replied on the 20/01/2016 6:03:13 PM

Thanks curiouscat! What are the costings like for them a month?

#3 - Gail replied on the 21/01/2016 5:44:23 AM

Hi I don't use Milnbank but they have been recommended as the only good factor in the area

#4 - Clare replied on the 21/01/2016 5:45:53 AM

Milnbank, easily. They've been fantastic since taking over our flats a year or two ago. We pay around £48 a month, quite expensive, but for the amount of work/cleaning/fixing they've been doing it's very fair!

#5 - Alan replied on the 21/01/2016 10:24:14 AM

Hi Clare - is there any excess on any claims that need to be made?

#6 - anon replied on the 21/01/2016 10:58:41 AM

how do you change factor? ours are rotten!!!

#7 - Ian replied on the 21/01/2016 12:43:48 PM

We changed to Milnbank and it's been night and day compared to our previous arrangement... Highly recommended.

#8 - Alan replied on the 21/01/2016 1:15:32 PM

We are self factored and to be honest I really don't feel comfortable with it. Is anyone else self factored?

#9 - Anon replied on the 21/01/2016 2:56:02 PM

We don't have a factor and I don't like it. Not "self-factored" as such, but any issues we sort out ourselves. we don't have a kitty or anything. So far we've been lucky not to have too many repair bills either.

The reason I don't like it is that it can generate quite a lot of work for me as no one else can be bothered/has the time etc.

What don't you like about it Alan?

#10 - Suzie replied on the 21/01/2016 2:56:58 PM

To anon above, legally to change your factor all you need is a majority agreement to terminate your current factor. You also only (legally speaking) need a majority agreement to appoint a new factor, but the new factor themselves may want more than this (sometimes even a unanimous decision) before they will take the building on (to ensure they will get co-operation and also get paid!). It is also usual that they would expect any outstanding repairs or other issues to be dealt with before they take the building on.

#11 - Anon replied on the 21/01/2016 4:41:16 PM

To add to Suzie's post - depending on who your building insurance lies with (We have a flat that has a building's insurance policy jointly with approx 150 flats!) you have to get a majority from ALL those flats and not just your building. That's A LOT of door knocking!

#12 - Alan replied on the 21/01/2016 4:50:01 PM

Anon (one above me) are you in a tenement flat?

#13 - Anon replied on the 22/01/2016 10:56:14 AM

Alan, it's not an old tenement, it's a modern close with 6 flats in it.

#14 - anon replied on the 15/02/2016 10:01:31 PM

We changed from a private factor, who did nothing, to Milnbank, who have been very pro-active. The majority need to agree to terminate the old factor and Milnbank need to agree to take on your property. They surveyed our close/building and would only take us on after works were completed, which were thankfully not too costly. They did want to do an equal split for future reactive or cyclical repairs but a few of us (in the smaller flats) contested this as our deeds were apportioned according to the flat size, so just be careful with this...but they agreed to leave the apportionment as was and they have been pretty good so far.

#15 - Ami replied on the 17/02/2016 3:53:56 PM

We are looking to change our factor as they are truly awful. Can you confirm that it's not just Milnbank Housing Assoc owned properties that they look after?

Also, does anyone know if title deeds can be changed as our factor told us we have to have block buildings insurance with the close next door to us and we're having problems with people not paying their bills so would like to split from them if possible
Any info greatly appreciated

#16 - The Mentalist replied on the 18/02/2016 11:08:21 AM

There's a video on You Tube about a house at the corner of Bannatyne and Cumbernauld Road which has been converted from shop to house. Milnbank were the new factors and they did an immense job on the whole close. Have a wee look if you can.

#17 - anon replied on the 5/03/2016 9:53:36 AM

Hi Ami, you should first get your title deeds, you can purchase a copy from Registers Scotland website. Sometimes closes are linked & often there will be responsibility for repairs, maintenance of e.g. a shared back court or a "feuing" area, which is basically a boundary of common land so you may have landscaping costs to pay. The title plan with your deeds will show this.

As for insurance, the H.A. will have a block policy for all its properties but your deeds will advise if the factor has to provide your insurance. If they do, it's normally just for the close related to the deeds. If it is linked to the close next door, there will be a specific reference to this and the other close address should be stated. If there's no reference then the common policy will just be for your close. It will be under the associations block policy, so the premium is usually less, but the insurance will be specific only to the close(s) mentioned in the deeds, so you don't need agreement from all owners listed on the block policy.

Milnbank will factor closes where they have no interest/ownership-our block was all private & we unamionously decided to get rid of our old factors & appoint Milnbank. The difference has been amazing. Again, check your deeds re:calling a meeting to do this & how to go about as often a majority is enough to effect the change.
Hope this helps.

#18 - Jane replied on the 12/03/2016 2:44:59 PM

Hi, I was also looking to change factor as current one is useless - probably the same one as referred to by others! I contacted Milnbank and was told that we needed agreement of all owners to change. Unfortunately that is unlikely to happen as we can't even get agreement for major repair works needed! I have heard positive reports of Milnbank from various sources.

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