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Building movement

Anon posted on the 15/01/2015 11:26:21 PM

Hi all,

I live in dennistoun, only been here a few months but I've noticed that almost all of the buildings have some form of structural repairs done to them. Can anyone tell me why? Was it cause of mine collapses? Who repaired them, insurance companies? Council? Are the mines filled in? Who guaranteed the repairs?

Sorry for the big batch of questions, if anyone can she's any light on why their building was reinforced if really appreciate it. Thanks.

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#1 - The Mentalist replied on the 16/01/2015 10:26:44 AM

The buildings are over 100 years old so structural work is necessary for maintenance. A lot of the tenements were building without deep foundations so are really just held up by each other. Sandstone erodes quick quickly. The cleaning agents used to clean the dirt off the buildings in the 80s was actually detrimental to the stone.

#2 - mac01 replied on the 16/01/2015 7:47:25 PM

I was told there is a lot of cracking in Dennistoun buildings that are from the shock waves of bomb blasts from air raids during WWII. Dixon blazes, Parkhead forge and so on were targets. So that explains some damage and repairs, but some buildings have had to be stabilized over the years due to mines.

I dont think the mines are filled in thats why we have to pay for a coal mine search when we buy.

Guarantees I would imagine are on a case by case basis depending on the contract at the time of the works.

And as said, any building will have work done to it over the years, upgrades to utilities, re roofing, new guttering, storm damage, fire and so on.

#3 - Anon replied on the 16/01/2015 7:48:01 PM

Who carried out the structural work?

The back (South) wall of my block is really starting to sport some cracks surrounding the windows.

#4 - anon replied on the 16/01/2015 7:48:45 PM

The Golfhill Drive block behind the bowling green is pinned from end to end with huge girders. It's supposed to be guaranteed to withstand an earthquake of 6.0 or 7.0 on the richter scale. It was done in the 1980s after problems with subsidence. It's either mines or an old quarry somewhere under the area I think, though can't remember which

#5 - Anon replied on the 16/01/2015 8:28:04 PM

Can anyone recommend a structural engineer that could come and have a look? The cracks I have noticed on my flat, plus the rear close door needing to get jammed shut are very indicative of very recent movement.

#6 - The Mentalist replied on the 16/01/2015 11:10:25 PM

The area around Dennistoun was quarried rather than mined. Carntyne is full of old mines.

#7 - anon replied on the 18/01/2015 1:02:12 PM

If you contact Redpath Bruce who factor one of the buildings on the Golfhill Dr block, they'll probably have a record of the structural engineer who dealt with that, though it was way back in the late 80s .
Cracking and settlement in these old tenements isn't always problematic. Where I lived in the west end for more than 30years, the flat moved slightly twice a year (ie pictures on the wall would be at a slight angle and doors would stick) but the building is still standing and flats are still selling,so presumably surveys are being done and passing it as safe. The flat I'm in at the moment has huge cracks around the door and in the bedroom. A reputable building firm has just done a cosmetic job and smoothed over the bedroom plaster.... didn't seem to think it was a problem - time will tell!

#8 - Dave replied on the 18/01/2015 1:02:39 PM

Sometimes cracking can be as a result of the timber structure failing, which can be a result of dry rot or some other form of timber decay.

#9 - Mym replied on the 21/03/2017 2:16:21 PM

The Golfhill Drive ones are built on the edge of an old quarry. The end of that particular block is gone entirely since the 30's - maybe a bomb?

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