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Bulk item uplift

Dolly posted on the 12/10/2017 2:46:57 PM

Months ago one of my neighbours dumped a large pile of rubbish from renovations to his flat. It's mostly old doors but there's a load of rubbish and debris around it. The factor emailed to say it needs to be uplifted and the neighbour said he removed it- but he hasn't.

I have been fighting with the factor who says that the stuff has been removed and when I sent photo evidence said it must belong to someone else.

It's in the back court and while taking the bin out I had a 4 inch rusty nail pierce right through my shoe.

Anyone else been in a similar situation?

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#1 - Flick replied on the 12/10/2017 9:50:52 PM

It's annoying and we have the same problem in our large development. Alot of people are just selfish. I'd just report the rubbish as flytipping on the GCC phone app or website and they'll remove it.

#2 - anon replied on the 13/10/2017 1:54:32 PM

awful problem in tenements, people always assume someone else will sort it!! yes report to GCC. hope your foot is ok!

#3 - anon1 replied on the 13/10/2017 11:30:12 PM

If your foot was injured because of this person's reckless behaviour, I don't see why the police couldn't be informed.Even if the police do nothing except have a quiet word in his ear, it might be enough to stop him.I think it should be reported to them in any case. What if your foot turns septic and you lose time from work etc? The neighbour should be compensating you.

#4 - Dolly replied on the 14/10/2017 11:55:21 AM

Thanks for the advice- wasn't sure if i was overreacting to what is unfortunately a common problem in the tennements!

#5 - Anon replied on the 15/10/2017 10:33:44 AM

Overreacting is an understatement . Haven't the police got enough on there hands without going to have a quiet word in people's ear about a piece of wood with a nail in it . The main issue with bulk uplift in dennistoun is the procedure u have to go through .
How.many items .
A list of the items .
And then u get charged if the uplift takes more than 30 minutes.
In dennistoun few years back u would get a bulk uplift weekly . No hassle no phone calls no listing and separating items. U put the bulk outside the close and was removed for you coming home from work. Why change a good routine .

#6 - Jennifer replied on the 15/10/2017 8:04:08 PM

I don't know what the old system was like, but it hardly seems unreasonable to tell the council what you want taken. If it takes them less than 30 minutes then you get it dome for free! Seems like a good deal for the cost of a phone call.

For small things like loose nails - if there is a lot of it, our factor has been arranging contractors to come and clear it. We pay for that, but it gets the job done. It doesn't cost enough for prior approval to be required - we just get notified that it's happening and it goes on the next bill. Obviously I'd rather that people took responsibility for their own rubbish, but they don't and I don't know how you can make them.

#7 - Dolly replied on the 16/10/2017 11:05:16 AM

I'm not entirely sure what constitutes 'bulk' as there are a pile of doors but also a large amount of wood and debris surrounding it. I've spoken to the factor about cleaning up but they insist it is the responsibility of the person who left it.

For the loose nails, I'm watching where I'm stepping as they are all really rusty and undoubtedly a tetanus risk. However there are several animals in the close and I'm worried about them being injured.

#8 - Catsmaw replied on the 16/10/2017 1:19:10 PM

Hi Dolly, I had a similar problem but it was a contractor who dumped bags of rubble & debris from a neighbour's flat. It was outside my back window for nearly 10 months. I tried contacting the builder, but nothing was done. I contacted GGC for bulk uplift,but they refused. I then reported it as fly tipping & informed GGC of the name of the builders who left it, but was told this did not apply as it was on private ground.

I eventually had to drag about 12 heavy bags of rubble up the back stairs, through my close on to the street in front. I put the name and contact details of the builder in each bag & emailed the company to let them know this.

When I got home from work the next day the bags were gone.

My factor & GGC were of no help.

I hope you get it sorted soon.

#9 - Jennifer replied on the 20/10/2017 7:17:51 PM

Of course it is the responsibility of the person who left it. Problem is that they don't care. Practical solution is to insist the factor deals with it and all owners pay their share - unless you can prove who left it, which is sadly unlikely. Perhaps you need a new factor?

#10 - anon1 replied on the 21/10/2017 3:29:03 AM

Jennifer, I think Dolly knows who dumped the stuff. I certainly got that impression from her post. Her factor must already know in any case since he's obviously spoken to someone who said it had been cleared.Might be time to get a new factor as you suggested.

#11 - Jennifer replied on the 21/10/2017 11:46:48 AM

anon1 - yes, I got that too - but knowing is different to being able to prove it to someone else. It's very frustrating!

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