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Burglary in dennistoun

Callum Horton posted on the 31/12/2017 5:21:02 PM

So last night while me and my flat mates some point between 1pm and 10.30pm my flat was broken in to via my window on garthland drive right on the corner of whitehill street, they stole mainly electronics. Computer, laptops, PS4 and things. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a good new year.

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#1 - Son of Onslow replied on the 1/01/2018 1:12:04 PM

friends had their flat on Golfhill Drive broken into the Thurs before last . Again in the afternoon and via a forced old sash type window to the front of the property . Sounds like someone is targetting flats in Dennistoun im afraid .

#2 - The Mentalist replied on the 1/01/2018 1:13:28 PM

Oh Calkum, that's awful. Hope this new year is better for you.

#3 - Broompark replied on the 12/01/2018 2:38:04 PM

And another attempt made yesterday afternoon to burgle a house on Broompark Drive. Sash window forces open with a crowbar.

#4 - CV3V replied on the 14/01/2018 3:22:30 PM

in December a flat on Firpark Terrace was also broken into during the day.

#5 - T replied on the 16/01/2018 4:10:27 PM

Another attempted break in on Garthland Drive yesterday (15th), likely in the afternoon. Both front door (buzzer entrance on flat) and two rear windows (old style) were attempted. Luckily they never got in. We have sensors over the windows so if they had the alarm would have gone off.

Still annoying though - need to keep a look out for suspicious people in the area.

#6 - anon replied on the 17/01/2018 10:05:35 PM

It doesn't help that the bin men keep leaving the back door open!

#7 - Gillian replied on the 18/01/2018 6:11:45 PM

I am still having the same problem with bin men leaving the door open to. Given up complaining. Just bought some timers for my lights and going to see if I can get a security check done by the police

#8 - Julie replied on the 8/03/2018 7:25:19 PM

Just to make people aware more burglaries taken place recently in the area including my flat on Sunday 4th March on Craigpark Drive in the afternoon. They have a lookout person whilst the other two do the breaking in. They are buzzing first to see if anyone is at home. Please please when your buzzer goes or the service buzzer ensure you know who it is or ask who they are for in the close. You could be potentially letting them in unknowingly. Be aware and vigilant at all times. They broke in to my ground floor flat via my back kitchen window then climbed out the back bedroom window with my new TV amongst other stuff.
When you are entering and exiting your close always make sure the main door is secured behind you and if taking your rubbish out ensure that you are securing the back door behind you. If you see anyone at all who is acting suspicious in the front or back, report it don't leave it to chance. Its better for it to be reported and turns out to be nothing when investigated. Don't turn a blind eye. Look out for your Neighbours and our Dennistoun Community, we are one big family. You could be next!!!

#9 - Steve replied on the 9/03/2018 7:05:03 PM

Sorry to hear that Julie, you're right they appear to be targeting ground floor flats and especially the old sash encasement Windows if they can find them .
I got new locks at reasonable cost down at Screwfix , easy to fit but if you need a hand get in touch .

#10 - RICHIE replied on the 11/03/2018 9:23:16 AM

HI Julie, any idea what the lookout person looked like? I've seen someone hanging about (albeit not in a couple of weeks) Whitehill Gardens, Ingleby Drive and Garthland Drive. Twice he was standing outside the doorway into our close and he has been smoking every time I have seen him. At the time I didn't want to jump to any conclusions but with everything that has gone on I thought it worth mentioning.

#11 - Julie McEwan replied on the 11/03/2018 1:12:50 PM

Hi Ritchie, The lookout is a female with dark brown frizzy hair I was told. Someone spotted her out of their window. These guys are young around 17/18. They are very slick and know what they are doing. I caught two of them on my Canary camera. The Police now have the footage and have caught one of them which is good news.

#12 - anon replied on the 11/03/2018 11:17:16 PM

I have had this in the past - heard someone fiddling around with the front door lock when I was in, so I went straight to the door to ask if I could help them. It was a middle aged man holding a carrier bag and he had some story about expecting the dentist practice to be there (there had been in the close some time prior). Again there was a look out at the front of the building to cover if someone else went into the close and together they made a great show of having a conversation for my benefit 'O no, mate, that dentist has not been there for some time'. At the time I felt I didn't have enough to report but I wish I did because looking back it was so clear what was happening.

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