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Condensation above unvented flue

Michelle posted on the 22/01/2017 11:35:49 AM

Was wondering if anyone had dealt with this problem? I noticed condensation on our back room ceiling and a cracked has started to form. Checked with the neighbours upstairs and nothing was leaking but they did let me know there was a fireplace directly above. Their fireplace is in working order. I'm now guessing this condensation is from the unvented flue, but there was no damp detected in the home report (bought the property last month).

Does anyone have any advice or names of damp specialists I could contact?

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#1 - john replied on the 22/01/2017 8:58:05 PM

I have used peter cox in the past and they are great (not the cheapest though)
peter cox are specialist in damp proofing and rot prevention
you can get a free survey on the problem on 0808 149 7120

#2 - gas man replied on the 24/01/2017 11:39:25 AM

The chimney cannot be unvented if it is in working order . It will rise out onto the roof and vent there for combustion purposes . If you had a fire installed into the fireplace and had it bricked up it should have had a vent installed to it also

#3 - Michelle replied on the 25/01/2017 5:54:33 PM

Thanks gas man. It looks like the previous owners have bricked it up at some point and not installed a vent. I'm booking a plasterer and a damp specialist. No idea what work will be involved or the costs....

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