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Dennistoun Village security

Acdc posted on the 20/07/2016 12:13:41 AM

Is it true that Dennistoun village pays for a Security man?

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#1 - Doll replied on the 20/07/2016 10:39:50 AM

There is certainly a security guard on the premises, unsure of how residents contact them if there is a problem or how he is funded?

#2 - Acdc replied on the 20/07/2016 7:36:02 PM

Exactly, signs should be visible.

#3 - Dennistonian replied on the 21/07/2016 12:08:20 AM

Yes we pay for a security man and have contact numbers. This is organised through the factors.

#4 - anon replied on the 21/07/2016 10:36:27 PM

As already posted the flat owners pay for the security guard and on site accommodation. We are all given a contact number if we need to speak to him.

#5 - Giraffe replied on the 8/08/2016 11:55:56 PM

Can also concur with the above. The security presence (and accommodation) is paid for through the factoring fee for the Dennistoun Village properties, working out at a minimal cost per flat. Contactable by residents of said properties via numbers provided by the factor.

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