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Drug Addicts

Dennistonnian posted on the 16/08/2016 12:39:14 PM

Twice I've been on the train from High Street to Bellgrove and seen folk in the spare ground (behind the old Great Eastern which is now flats) shooting up. They are right at the rail tracks but far enough off the beaten track not to be seen from the road. Any ideas who best to contact? Apparently some folk were seen doing the same at the wee park just after Bellgrove train station too.

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#1 - The Mentalist replied on the 16/08/2016 2:01:13 PM

Contacting the police sounds obvious but I know....

#2 - joe replied on the 16/08/2016 7:22:37 PM

if they have to shoot up somewhere then I would prefer that they do it there, away from the main road//

#3 - Malarki replied on the 16/08/2016 11:25:43 PM

Where ever they do it (and they're going to do it somewhere), hope they're supplied with and use personal sharps bins. We're still finding old used works round the back of our house which is the worst bit of it as far as I'm concerned - don't want to get jagged by one of those.

#4 - Dennistonnian replied on the 17/08/2016 2:12:49 PM

My initial reaction was to call the police but then wondered if they'd do anything about it. Wondered if I should contact the local Councillors??

I know it's not a public place so can see why people would prefer they do it. Just glad my kids weren't on the train to see. We've also found a needle in Alexandra Park!

#5 - mart replied on the 18/08/2016 7:58:30 AM

you can report discarded needles to Glasgow city council needle uplift service and it will be removed within 24 hours
telephone 0141 287 9700

Needle Uplift
What do I do if I find a needle in a public place?
If you find a needle in a public place, please contact us on 0141 287 9700.

Do not:
•touch it
•let friends or pets touch it
•hide it
•kick it down the drain
•put it in a dustbin, litter bin or down a toilet.

How long will it take to be uplifted?
Our rapid response team will uplift any needles reported within 24 hours.
Where do we not uplift needles from?
We do not uplift needles from:
•private land
•back courts

#6 - Oldie replied on the 18/08/2016 8:09:22 AM

They've been doing it in that old park next to Bellgrove train station for years. Decades.

#7 - Nosey Parker replied on the 19/08/2016 9:48:05 AM

I overheard a bunch of alcoholics mentioning that they were going to be drinking underneath the bridge next to the railway line at Bellgrove. Maybe that's what you're seeing.

#8 - Dennistonnisn replied on the 19/08/2016 9:20:36 PM

They were definitely shooting up, trousers down and into their legs. Couldn't miss it!!!

#9 - PH replied on the 22/08/2016 3:16:17 PM

I used to live in the Duke Street/Great Eastern flats and witnessed this multiple times.

I figure if they're going to do it somewhere they might as well do it there and not a park where children could find the needles.

It's not like calling the police is going to mean these guys stop being addicted to heroin.

#10 - Dennistonnian replied on the 23/08/2016 12:11:48 AM

I know but i'd at least like to make someone aware of whats going on if they don't know already!!!

#11 - Gallowgator replied on the 18/09/2016 2:22:47 PM

Hi folks,
Was recently told by the police that the best thing to do is to report this via the 101 number.
Seemingly the police will attend and if the person is still there they will lift them and take them to the health centre in Bridgeton where they are given an injection that reverses the effects of the heroin. Seemingly the addict then avoids the area where they were lifted due to a fear of this happening again ruining their high.

#12 - Dennistonnian replied on the 19/09/2016 3:18:41 PM

Thanks for letting us know. I will certainly call if I see anything again!

#13 - Oldie replied on the 21/09/2016 4:54:33 PM

That's actually a good idea (giving them the drug to reverse it when they don't want to)

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