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Duke Street Puppet Man and dog

Dennis posted on the 13/07/2017 8:02:31 PM


Anyone see this near Bellgrove about 20 minutes ago? Know what it's for?



4 Replies :

#1 - anon replied on the 15/07/2017 3:10:11 PM

what are you talking about, was it a poster you saw or an actual puppet show

#2 - Dennistonian replied on the 21/07/2017 12:32:09 AM

There's a papier mache man and dog walking around the streets. I saw them being made in the gallery on duke street.

#3 - Daz replied on the 23/07/2017 4:40:07 PM

Just seen him at the bottom of the library hill on duke street. looks like some sort of tour. anyword anybody

#4 - alexw replied on the 25/07/2017 12:19:45 PM

It's part of the exhibition (Jarsdell Solutions Ltd's 'Solution for Market Gallery') which just finished at the Market Gallery on Duke Street.

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