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Alan posted on the 4/01/2017 2:16:13 PM

Has anyone else had their property or cars vandalised? I came outside this morning to find about half a dozen eggs had been thrown at my car. Ended up late for work as they needed properly washed off the windshield.

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#1 - Anne replied on the 4/01/2017 8:28:45 PM

Yes back in October we got an egg thrown at our bay window and I've noticed to other windows with what looks like egg on them, all in Roslea Drive. I reported it to the police but didn't get any feedback about it. However the window cleaner told me that it's a real problem all over Dennistoun.

#2 - Malarki replied on the 5/01/2017 4:07:29 PM

Been happening for years. While irritating (my bay window was egged a few years ago) to be honest, worse things happen around Dennistoun.

#3 - Jozz subject: Re: Eggs replied on the 6/01/2017 12:06:08 PM

Likely the same group of scummy kids that repeatedly did it to my window in Hillfoot street... I'm on the top floor now so none of that nonsense for me.

#4 - Anne replied on the 6/01/2017 12:08:23 PM

Wow! Very understanding and supportive. I know it's been happening for years but I suppose all anti-social behaviour causes problems for the area and its victims. I think it's helpful for us to discuss this without being belittlied on this forum.

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