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curiouscat posted on the 17/03/2016 1:20:34 PM

Hi Everyone - Looking for some inspiration please. I have signed up for a charity event and looking to raise money for Sarcoma UK. Several heads are better than one so I'm on the lookout for fundraising ideas to add to my list. If any one has suggestions or inspiration - please can you post them here. Thanks

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#1 - jen replied on the 17/03/2016 10:25:21 PM

how about giving up smoking, saving up the money you would have spent on cigarettes for your cause - filthy habit

#2 - curiouscat replied on the 19/03/2016 12:04:18 AM

Hahaha - in my plan already! Won't be able to smoke AND cycle. Thanks Jen

#3 - anon replied on the 19/03/2016 8:40:36 PM

A nice one would be to find something that will benefit the community, such as getting sponsored to clear an area that doesn't get much attention or paint a community Hall.

#4 - anon replied on the 21/03/2016 1:51:09 PM

i have been keen to be involved in a local charity event helping local people for some time

i am a local who would happily offer my services to help =raise funds. i am a singer but also have lots of other skills that i would be happy to utilize and offer

i can be reached on 07903 249025 to discus further

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