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Garden Waste/Composter

Jen posted on the 31/08/2017 2:10:25 PM

Hi Everyone

Does anyone have a garden waste bin or composter locally? I've recently been given lots of flowers that i've had round the house and they're starting to die. I'm in a tenement so we don't have a garden waste bin. I'd hate to chuck them in a plastic bag but if I stick them in one of our old can's they'll just rot in the bottom of it.

Any suggestions welcome!



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#1 - curiouscat replied on the 31/08/2017 7:09:07 PM

I have a compost bin out the back I'd happily put these in if that's any help to you? I'm near Armadale St so could collect or you can drop off? Any good to you?

#2 - Jen replied on the 31/08/2017 10:52:15 PM

Thanks curiouscat, that's so kind of you.

I've just read online that you can pop them in the food waste bin and we have one of them so I'll put them in there!

Thanks for your helps


#3 - curiouscat replied on the 1/09/2017 2:26:36 PM

Ahh good stuff. I wondered if that might be an option but got distracted and forgot to look. Glad you have a solution.

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