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Graffiti vandalism message:

Neighbour posted on the 26/09/2016 2:39:53 PM

Came home today and discovered that the entrance to our close is covered in graffiti. Has anyone had anything similar?

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#1 - joe replied on the 27/09/2016 5:46:28 PM

yes we had that a couple of years ago, we had only got our intercom door stained and varnished the day before, and the very next day there was a big gang sign on it (Dennistoun young squad) written in thick black marker pen, I tried to remove it with the rough side of a dish washing sponge but I also damaged the varnish and staining meaning it looked bad and had to be restained
what was written on yours?

#2 - Gail replied on the 29/09/2016 11:53:24 PM

Hi I think if it is anything racist the council might come round and cover it up for free

#3 - Nico replied on the 30/09/2016 10:18:09 AM

Council won't touch it, if its just your normal gang messages. If theres a racist message or one accusing somebody or something, then that'll be cleaned up, Rest would stay. I found that at my cost.

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