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Hogarth Park

Roger Griffith posted on the 15/06/2017 10:55:00 AM

Does anyone know who the park is named after or how it came by that name?

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#1 - anon replied on the 20/06/2017 5:33:32 PM

I have never heard of that park, where is it

#2 - Concerned replied on the 21/06/2017 10:07:22 AM

Small park on Edinburgh Road, passed Alexandra Park. Not really a park. Just a patch of grass.

To be honest, I wouldn't go yourself in there at night. Local youth use underneath the bridge there as a local spot. You never see police going in there. You wouldn't even know the park was there.

#3 - John replied on the 21/06/2017 10:08:44 AM

Im not sure where the name came from but it used to be a railway embankment.I was down having a good look at it and it has been totally cleaned up. Thats probably because it is to be used as the 2nd extension of a road coming from Parkhead uo through Riddrie.

#4 - Joe Mc Dermott replied on the 24/06/2017 10:10:19 PM

I used to play football on the football park on a sunday with our street team from fisher st in the 60s

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