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Looking for a hall for an engagement

Lynn posted on the 16/09/2016 11:01:57 AM

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone can suggest a hall that I could hire for a saturday night in November. Looking for a hall big enough to hold around 100 people.


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#1 - Dennistonnian replied on the 16/09/2016 7:04:43 PM

Congratulations! Try Reidvale Community Hall or Whitevale Bowling Club.

#2 - gg replied on the 16/09/2016 7:05:47 PM

Wood St
Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre
Bluevale Neighbourhood Centre
Whitevale Bowling Club

#3 - Dennistonnian replied on the 19/09/2016 3:19:32 PM

There's also the hall at Thenew Housing at London Road but not sure if it opens at night.

#4 - Lynn replied on the 21/09/2016 4:50:50 PM

Thanks guys, managed to get somewhere booked :)

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