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Lost grey small cat

John posted on the 12/05/2016 9:42:16 AM

Our cat has gone missing since yesterday evening, around 7.
She's grey tabby, with dark spots and stripes, and a white chin. She's small and looks young.

She normally patrols around the back gardens of the easternmost block of Onslow Drive.

I'd be grateful if you could check your closes, etc.

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#1 - John replied on the 13/05/2016 9:31:29 PM

Wee update.
The cat that has been found is not my cat.
This is a different one.

My number is 07936368536 and any info is very welcome!

#2 - Fiona (John's partner) replied on the 14/05/2016 9:40:01 PM

Our cat is home. She had got under the building and gone through the tunnels.

#3 - John replied on the 14/05/2016 9:40:47 PM

Got her back!
She was trapped under the floor.
No idea how she got there!
Spending the rest of the weekend taking down posters.
If I miss any, tell me where.

#4 - The Mentalist replied on the 14/05/2016 11:32:11 PM

Excellent news

#5 - jimbo replied on the 15/05/2016 8:31:03 AM

maybe she got into the buildings foundations through a broken ventilation grill that all those old houses have in the back courts near the ground - it might not be your back court so you might have to climb some walls and fences to get access to neighbours back courts, if you do find a broken grill then all you can do is tell the house owner and also let them know that their broken vent will also let in vermin such as mice and rats and hope that they repair it (maybe your cat went in there to hunt them)

#6 - son of onslow replied on the 18/05/2016 11:04:59 PM

great news . good to hear she's been found.

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