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Match day parking

Ryan posted on the 10/08/2016 11:52:44 AM

I know this has been covered on here before but i wanted to get a feel for opinion on match day permit parking in Dennistoun.

Is this something people would be for or against?


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#1 - anon replied on the 10/08/2016 3:46:11 PM

for, i live in roslea and the last home game there were pavements blocked and people on double yellows right to the corner, god forbid if a fire engine tried to get round!

#2 - Alan replied on the 10/08/2016 5:58:09 PM

Against, we don't have a right to park outside our homes. We chose on street parking so we need to live with that. I would, however, encourage patrols to stop what anon above me has mentioned, I.e double parking and parking on double yellow lines.

#3 - PP replied on the 10/08/2016 8:10:40 PM

I think there should be parking permits full stop - the number of cars on yellow lines and pavements is shocking and dangerous.

#4 - Alan replied on the 10/08/2016 8:36:41 PM

A parking permit won't stop people double parking. There are more cars than there are flats. Many flats have 2 cars to them (mine being one of them).

#5 - The Mentalist replied on the 11/08/2016 10:08:21 AM

Permits would cause a war in Dennistoun. You think it's bad now.

#6 - anon replied on the 11/08/2016 8:16:57 PM

Terrible idea. Agree with The Mentalist.

#7 - PP replied on the 11/08/2016 8:17:36 PM

The fact that there are more cars than spaces is true but thats no excuse for the parking on pavements throughout the streets blocking pedestrians, wheelchairs and prams from walking on pavements. I full support a ban on pavement parking and parking permits. Good for pedestrians, good for the environment.

#8 - chb replied on the 11/08/2016 8:47:13 PM

Resident parking permits are in place all over the city, from the Necropolis to Sandyford, Tradeston to Cranstonhill. Why would it be such a bad idea in Dennistoun? If it reduces the mental parking in the area then happy days

#9 - Alan replied on the 11/08/2016 10:23:20 PM

Again, how will a Parking permit stop the inconsiderate parking?

#10 - chb replied on the 11/08/2016 11:01:33 PM

I'm guessing if only residents can have a permit, that there will be less cars which means more spaces.

Am I missing something?

#11 - Alan replied on the 12/08/2016 8:58:10 AM

But the parking issues crop up at night times. I often take my dog out at 11pm and the corners are clear. I leave for work at approx 6am and the corners are full of cars. There are simply too many cars for the quantity of flats we have here so permit parking won't make any difference.

#12 - Malarki replied on the 12/08/2016 9:00:17 AM

Filming has just been taking place in our part of Dennistoun and as a result parking restrictions were in place for a few days - bliss! Shame it's over now.

#13 - anon replied on the 18/08/2016 12:32:15 PM

last night was the worst i have seen it, armadale at the church needs to be made one way. it was at gridlock last night with cars haveing to reverse onto a v busy duke st!

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