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Missing bikes

Doll posted on the 14/02/2017 10:33:56 AM

I have just noticed that 2 bikes of mine have gone missing! these were padlocked under the stairs / to the stairs along with 2 other bikes which I assume belonged to other people in the building.

Has anyone else had bikes go missing?

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#1 - Fiona replied on the 14/02/2017 6:18:05 PM

Lost 3 bikes over the years in Dennistoun. All padlocked with Kryptonite £30-£50 D locks. Police have unfortunately always been less that useless. I have suggested they get some old bikes, GPS chip them, lock them up in the area and then see where they end up when they get nicked as I imagine it is a few pros rather chancers given how difficult it would have been to take my bikes. Needless to say nothing has been done in this respect and it doesn't seem that they are interested in doing anything at all to tackle this widespread problem.

#2 - Will replied on the 18/02/2017 12:30:24 AM

So many bikes being stolen from closes across Glasgow the police don't have the time to investigate all these crimes. I've always stored mine in the house, as no lock is going to prevent thieves getting what they want. Storing your bike in the landings and chained to railings is also not very considerate to your neighbours. I can't imagine trying to evacuate the building in thick black smoke and trying get around bikes chained up. So fellow cyclist, please consider the next time you go to chain your bike up and spare a thought for your neighbours. How would the elderly residents or the young family get past your bike if there was a fire.

#3 - Doll replied on the 19/02/2017 5:33:00 PM

I don't live in a tenament and the bikes were stored under the stairs not on a landing and not blocking anyone or anything.

Perhaps you shouldn't assume so many things?

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