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Missing cat

RB posted on the 7/12/2016 7:25:05 PM

Sad to say that my cat has gone missing, sometime on the morning of the 7th of December. His name is Stoker and he is black all over except for a white patch on his chest. He's an indoor cat so maybe under some stress with being outside. He's gone missing from my flat on Alexandra Parade and may be wondering round the area. If anyone's seen him can you let me or the vets at AlbaVet know?

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#1 - Ruth replied on the 8/12/2016 11:25:32 AM

Have you shared his picture & details on Missing Cats in Scotland and Cats Protection Glasgow Branch - Lost & Found and put posters up on doors & lamp posts? someone may have taken him in or he could be shut in somewhere. Hope he's home soon

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