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Moped Parking

GeoffG posted on the 3/02/2018 11:37:50 AM

Hey folks, myself and my wife are thinking of getting mopeds rather than a car (both as we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible and the parking situation in Dennistoun is already bad enough without us adding to it).

We live on Duke street and I see there's dedicated motorcycle parking opposite Coia's which is very handy. What I wanted to know is if anyone has had any issues with motorcycle/moped theft in the area. This is on a major street and there's quite a lot of foot traffic after last orders, worried about damage too (both accidental and purposeful).

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#1 - Son of Onslow replied on the 6/02/2018 5:54:12 PM

I guess if you secure it well and with a cover it will attract less attention . Unfortunately I had a Suzuki stolen on Onslow Drive about ten years ago , had bedded her down for the Winter . But a neighbour didn't realise it was being taken when lifted with its chain intact into a transit van .
Hard lesson but if you can please secure with good quality chain to something imoveable like street furniture ( these New bike posts if possible ) . Certainly I believe Dennistoun has improved over the years . And there is no better way to be mobile on a budget . Good luck

#2 - Nirvana316 replied on the 7/02/2018 1:57:48 PM

To be honest Dennistoun is a hotbed for regular bikes being stolen from closes and streets. My bike was taken from outside my flat and so very many others along side it. So I expect a moped would be at risk also. Just get very good insurance ;)

#3 - Chris replied on the 8/02/2018 12:55:37 PM

I've had my motorbike sitting outside my flat in Dennistoun for over a year and had no problems. I use a cover and a chain.

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