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New bins

Anon posted on the 8/05/2018 6:57:13 AM

Whilst it is great to have new rubbish bins, it is a shame they have been randomly distributed around Dennistoun. It would have made sense to put them where they were before. Now the bus stop on Duke Street at the end of Craigpark has no bin but a lot of litter.

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#1 - Paul replied on the 8/05/2018 8:29:59 AM

You're absolutely right. They were dropped in random places, stealthily, with no planning, it seems.
Also unimpressed that they're basically just lying on the pavement, often at ridiculous angles. Only a matter of time, sadly, until one gets tipped over or pushed into the road. And the huge size of them creates an obstruction for people with pushchairs, people with sight impairment etc. And many are right in the middle of the drop kerb. Can the council not get anything right?

#2 - Mac01 replied on the 10/05/2018 2:04:23 AM

100% agree, very poorly thought out placement and in some cases dangerous; by that I mean causing an obstruction of view for drivers at junctions. Someone needs to re-think where these have been (to an irritated eye) dumped.

#3 - anon replied on the 11/05/2018 12:48:42 AM

I think the new bins look quite smart, unfortunately some have already got graffiti on them, yes they should have been better placed, but at least there are plenty of them

#4 - Marty replied on the 11/05/2018 12:52:35 AM

It's unfortunate the pole-mounted litter bins have been removed too. The new bins are designed to make life easier for the council to empty them (they house wheelie bins) rather than to improve provision.
As for positioning, they have been plonked anywhere that is remotely flat - no levelled bases created to sit them on - and even then some are installed at precarious angles.
There are now fewer bins - replaced with over-sized, over-leaning eyesores. A win for the council who need empty them less often with less effort. As for locals, not so good. Typical GCC.

#5 - Anon replied on the 26/05/2018 5:06:10 PM

I have the same problem in the Gorbals area removed three pole mounted bins in my street and replaced one freestanding one with one large new bin in a position that no one will use at bottom of my street. Reported it didn't get the answer needed. So contacted my local councillors who hopefully will get it sorted. No consideration of placement of bins. So much for the bins letting them know they are full one close to me bursting at seams, has been for last couple of days. Lol. ??????

#6 - anon replied on the 27/05/2018 10:03:25 AM

I have noticed that there is some kind of electronic box attached to the new bins, its under the ashtray, I don't know if its to let the bin know when the ashtray is full (and cold) so it can empty the contents into the main bin, or maybe something to let the collection men know when the bin is full

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