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Outside tenement windows

Geoff posted on the 5/06/2017 1:29:44 AM

Hey folks,

Just wondering if anyone knew why there are no window boxes, french-style shutters or other decorations outside any tenement buildings? Is there some kind of restriction on this kind of thing?

Thinking of getting shutters and flower boxes myself and thought it would brighten up the area?

The only issue I'd have is making sure that the window boxes were secure. Wouldn't want one falling on a passer-by!

2 Replies :

#1 - Alan replied on the 5/06/2017 1:09:34 PM

I believe Dennistoun is a conservation area. Not sure how that affects what the buildings can look like. Might be worth a snoop on the city council website?

#2 - Cv3v replied on the 11/06/2017 12:29:53 AM

It's only a very specific part of Dennistoun which is a conservation area, nothing to stop you putting out window boxes, apart from making sure they are storm proof! Been planning on getting some myself.

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