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GM posted on the 25/01/2018 5:03:38 PM

I really cannot believe the stupidity and selfishness at some residents parking! I live in the new build flats Dennistoun Village and the pavement entrance is fully blocked by a car who thinks a pavement is a raised parking space.

If residents would like the private parking that Dennistoun Village offers then they should pay for it like I have too (over £1200 in factors fees a year!). The road leading into Dennistoun Village is private as are the spaces. We have a new factor, hopefully they'd get the clampers out!

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#1 - anon replied on the 26/01/2018 9:36:25 AM

@GM - clamping cars on private ground is illegal in Scotland, all that can be done is for a private company to issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles and hope that it discourages people (as those tickets have been sent from a third party there is a debate about if the tickets/fines are legally enforceable)

#2 - wullie replied on the 26/01/2018 12:08:44 PM

#1 -anon are you sure about that? ive heard about cars being taken to the pound because they have parked in private parking places in the area around the new hospital at shieldhall.Im not in favour of people getting their cars lifted when they are visiting someone on hospital,but,its
a different situation parking in dennistoun village,especially when the car is blocking the pavement.
If one or two get lifted the word will soon get around>

#3 - CV3V replied on the 26/01/2018 2:48:29 PM

Clamping by a private company is illegal in Scotland, has been for a long time, its considered extortion. Only the police, DVLA can do it. All those signs warning you about being clamped are meaningless.

I dont think you will see cars being towed away when parking on private land, not unless it has been adopted by the council. The issue of adoption was a long standing one in the village.

Yes it is stupid for non village residents to park on the pavement etc. but they too are suffering from the parking problems in Dennistoun and know what they are doing isnt all that fair, but they also know they are parking on private, unpatrolled land. There was also the case of the car that parked on the grass every day at Fir Park, and which the council seemed to do nothing about. All the grass has been left in a state by it.

Others disagree, but i still maintain that parking permits would make a huge difference to the area, with a knock on improvement for the village. Have a look at the number of cars parked on a sunday night (residents) and compare that to, say, working hours on a Monday (commuters).

There was a long forum post on this subject last year, worth a search for it.

#4 - reporter replied on the 29/01/2018 1:17:45 AM

If passage along a pavement is blocked by a car it's a police matter and should be reported as such.

(The public/private road debate in this particular instance is not the main determinant - this isn't a parking issue per se, obstruction is the offence - safe access to/from your home is being prevented by the vehicle.).

#5 - Dennis replied on the 2/03/2018 11:39:49 PM

Parking tickets by a private company are enforceable as this ruling shows.

#6 - Son of Onslow replied on the 9/03/2018 7:02:50 PM

parking Karma, anyone see the large articulated truck on Onslow Drive on Friday morning . Apparently he was lost by his sat nav but dented and scra ped two cars trying to turn at Whitehill st as they were inconsiderately parked . Fair warning , block te road and accept the consequences

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