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Pet Sitting (hamster)

Kristen Wood posted on the 23/05/2016 1:44:48 PM

Hi everyone,

I wondered whether anyone in the Dennistoun area does/or would do pet sitting for my hamster?

I'm going on holiday the first two weeks of July (leaving Friday 1st, coming back Saturday 16th late at night) and need someone to look after my hamster, as it's a lot to ask my flatmate to remember to clean and feed him!

I have in the past used a pet shop in Partick who does hamster boarding but getting there and back requires a taxi and on top of paying for the 2 week stay, it really starts to add up.

If someone was willing to help me out it would be great. Perhaps you have kids who are desperate for a pet but you want to see if they can live up to the responsibility first? Or maybe you already have a hamster of your own? :) Or maybe you can't help but you know someone who can!

I will obviously provide all food and bedding and his exercise ball and will offer payment for the time he's with you!

Please reply to this post or (if my email shows!) email me at kristen . wood @ live . co . uk (remove the spaces).


4 Replies :

#1 - Dennistonnian replied on the 24/05/2016 12:14:27 PM

Hi Kristen

My kids would have loved to have done this but unfortunately we are away the same time as you. Post up again for the future as we might consider it. Hope you get him sorted.

#2 - lise replied on the 24/05/2016 7:42:02 PM

We would enjoy having the wee darling!I kept them when I was young! Do not try to play during the day!

#3 - piggy-keeper replied on the 6/06/2016 11:36:33 PM

Hope you found someone to look after your hammy.

If you still need someone, or need someone in the future, I can recommend Fuzzy Butts - - near Hogganfield Loch. The lady there is great with wee fuzzballs, and my guinea pigs seemed very happy whenever they went for stays there.

#4 - Kristen replied on the 9/06/2016 9:44:34 PM

Hi everyone - sorry for the delayed response!

I actually managed to convince my flatmate to look after him, which is the most practical option! If I need help in the future I will definitely re-post! :)

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