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Report bad mobile phone signals

Michelle posted on the 1/05/2016 12:26:21 PM

Just gone on to the Ofcom to report my bad mobile phone signals as I have EE for work which doesn't work inside or outside and Vodafone which sometimes works. Their map currently says I should have a good signal for both providers so reported that the information is incorrect - hoping if more people report bad service the providers might stop getting new customers and do something about the **** service they offer.

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#1 - natasha replied on the 1/05/2016 3:10:12 PM

I was the same with both EE and Vodafone. Didnt get a signal when I was indoors, had to hold phone close to window when sending text or calling out. I spoke to both and got nowhere. Im now with Orange and get a full signal 99% of the time. Wish I had thought of going to Ofcom//.

#2 - The Mentalist replied on the 3/05/2016 12:34:41 PM

I'm with EE and the reception is excellent.

#3 - Dennistonian replied on the 3/05/2016 2:56:15 PM

I am with EE but I've had to get a booster from them We are having problems with Virgin broadband as it keeps dropping off at certain times of night!

#4 - Alan replied on the 3/05/2016 2:58:08 PM

But you are inside a flat with 600mm thick stone walls. I'm with 3 and they have an app that uses wifi as my phone signal. Does EE have anything similar?

#5 - Paul replied on the 4/05/2016 10:42:35 PM

Yes, EE do have something similar - their "WiFi calling" which works perfectly for me.

#6 - Dennistonian replied on the 5/05/2016 1:07:11 AM

I'm in a new build and the solution from EE was to get a booster but the minute we walk out the house the signal disappears but appears again when we get onto Whitehill Street.

#7 - Robert replied on the 5/05/2016 1:43:40 AM

Wifi calling with EE automatically kicks in when your signal is poor and you have a Wifi connection. No app to install, you just switch it on in the phone settings. Unfortunately, it only works with certain phones.

#8 - anon replied on the 6/05/2016 12:14:06 PM

Good luck with this. I battled for a year and half to cancel my contract with Orange who are also EE. And when my contracted ended and I was leaving I was told there is a back spot in Craig park drive. They wanted to give me a booster but I said what was the point of signing a contract when They brought down a mass so nearest mass was in Parkhead. Had to keep phone at a specific part of the window. (Live on Whitehill street).
I moved to Vodafone and have not had any problem now and that's been over a year.
Ended up orange/ee when joined decided where only using certain masses therefore the one that gave signal in our area came down and was a black spot in craigpark preventing a signal. I had to go down to retail park if wanted to make a call.
Glad I moved networks.

#9 - Paul replied on the 14/06/2016 3:38:36 PM

I switched from O2 to EE, then orange, when I moved into the area in 2008 as the O2 signal was poor. at the time Orange/EE was excellent throughout my flat and all over the area. Their mast used to be situated on the top of the Whitevale flats, however since the demolition begun the signal was poor at best.

#10 - anon replied on the 16/06/2016 9:48:10 PM

Vodafone uses the frequency most suited to travelling through thick walls and have two masts close to the Arnold Clark garage on the Parade.

You can and should investigate mast locations before signing up to a long and expensive contract.

#11 - Michelle replied on the 6/10/2016 10:09:32 PM

Moved from Vodafone to Gif GAF and got a perfect signal throughout the house. Very cheap month to month contract so easy to move if any issues. Woo hoo!

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