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DAVEY posted on the 10/01/2017 11:13:21 AM

What shops would you like to see on Duke Street

36 Replies :

#1 - anon_l replied on the 10/01/2017 3:22:44 PM

Less bookies, hairdressers and suntan places for a start.
More places like Tibo and Richmonds and Dennistoun BBQ

#2 - Me replied on the 10/01/2017 3:23:25 PM

Mark & Spencer Food Store

#3 - Me replied on the 10/01/2017 3:24:06 PM

A nice hotel.

#4 - wullie replied on the 10/01/2017 6:08:04 PM

A decent dairy that does good food
something like nans at butterbigins road,

#5 - Scunnered replied on the 11/01/2017 12:59:25 AM

Whole Foods
M&S Food store
Oliver Bonas
Book store
More vintage clothes shops
Antique furniture shops
More sit in restaurants

#6 - Dennistonnian replied on the 11/01/2017 1:26:36 PM

I agree with anon - less bookies, hairdressers and suntan places. Another decent café like Tibo - something like Beanscene in Shawlands is great for families as well as individuals. More restaurants.

#7 - tam replied on the 12/01/2017 2:58:54 AM

are the abundance of supermarkets (lidl, tesco, co-op, asda) already in the area not enough? and why on earth would we residents make use of a hotel? i can practically hear the pearl-clutching with your request for less bookies, tanning places and hairdressers. like it or not, these places provide services that many members of our community actually use, wishing they'd go away so that you can replace them with identikit artisan eateries and bougie boutiques stinks.

if you're desperate for dennistoun to turn into finnieston, which is what most of these suggestions imply, why not move there instead of bitterly wishing for dennistoun to become something it isn't? your calls for further gentrification will raise rents and slowly push out those of us who can't afford west end prices. some of us are satisfied with the amenities that are here already, why make things harder for us when the "calibre" of community you crave clearly already exists elsewhere in the city.

#8 - BB replied on the 12/01/2017 2:59:22 AM

Starbucks. Dennistoun needs a proper coffee shop.

#9 - Gillian replied on the 12/01/2017 3:00:42 AM

I am liking many of the suggestions but not sure there would be enough custom for some of them. My tuppence worth coffee shop (open till 10) and would need lovely cakes similar to the Glad cafe, wholefood shop, vintage clothes and furniture (might mean less people dumping stuff on the street), craft shop similar to Braw wee emporium selling a range of cards, jewellery and nic nacs,local art gallery, ceramic painting shop. Thinking I may be describing the West End - I don't want us to be the same but it would be great to have more variety on the doorstep but at the same time have independent shops. I can easily spend a morning popping in and out of the 2nd shops as it is.

#10 - dennygirl replied on the 12/01/2017 10:25:11 AM

I don't think the hotel idea was aimed at residents Tam. I do wonder though if it isn't wishful thinking on someone's part to have a hotel in Dennistoun. Why would someone choose there in preference to the city which is very close?

#11 - anon_l replied on the 12/01/2017 10:27:01 AM

Who mentioned West End prices? Not me.
And yes things like bookies and sunbed shops do provide a service but they're constantly opening and closing down.

Tibo is never quiet. Neither is Coias, Celinos, Remonds etc. That says a lot. People want these things.

I know if i had more choice, Id eat, drink, socialise more in places on my doorstep however because theres not a lot of places and those places are regulary full it means I come in to the city centre.

Attitudes like Tams are a bit like cutting your nose off to spite your face. The East End in evolving, like it or not. If it wasnt then the places people already like wouldnt exist. I think its good people want to drive more business to Dennistoun.

#12 - Swan replied on the 12/01/2017 10:27:52 AM

A branch of Roots & Fruits.

#13 - Pat replied on the 13/01/2017 2:58:22 AM

There's quite a difference between gentrification and regeneration. The former tries to plaster over underinvestment and poverty by providing amenities for the relatively affluent and thus displaces and disenfranchises poorer residents. The latter tries to re invest in the community through a range of different approaches. Better shops yes, but also a better library, a community centre, more green space, less motor vehicle traffic, more free activities for all ages and interests. Nicer shops and bars are a consequence of viability and hard work and quite often local government initiatives. The area really seemed to go up when we had the Commonwealth Games. I wonder if GCC provided incentives/ business rate waivers to help places like Dennistoun BBQ and Redmonds get started?

#14 - Malarki replied on the 14/01/2017 1:24:33 AM

I'd like a good south asian grocers, something like Super Asia over on Pollockshaws Road, selling all the spices you've heard of and many you haven't, ten different hot sauces, dried beans and pulses in bulk, fresh fruit and veg, fresh samosas daily ...

#15 - Anon_l replied on the 14/01/2017 4:13:56 PM

Malarki - that sounds amazing!

#16 - Anton replied on the 18/01/2017 8:17:05 PM

Sad to see that The Cornershop has now closed. It was always nice to chat with the women running it and to rummage around the clothes and bric-a-brac. The shop made a real difference during the past few years and really helped to create a positive image of Dennistoun - I loved the facebook comments and the fantastic photos every week. Thanks and well done to all involved!!

#17 - Dennistonnian replied on the 19/01/2017 1:42:28 PM

The wee shop next to the Co-Operative Funeral parlour does a great variety of spices as does the wee pet shop near Barnardos.

Was sad too to see the Cornershop close. Due to Redivale HA wanting the space back rather than them actually wanting to close.

#18 - Jackie replied on the 21/01/2017 10:09:25 AM

Thanks for the lovely comments about The Corner Shop. I set it up up as a Xmas ‘pop up’ on a voluntary, not for profit basis 4 years ago. It was only ever meant to have been there for a couple of weeks! The idea was to re-animate a vacant unit, provide a space for people to come together and create more interest on Duke St.

For the record, we decided to close due to busy day jobs, family commitments etc. Reidvale HA have only ever been positive and supportive and I thank them for being so receptive to the idea.

Also massive thanks to all our customers who made the 4 years brilliant fun. Although The Corner Shop has closed, there are plans to return in a different form - keep an eye on our Facebook page.

#19 - Dennistonnian replied on the 22/01/2017 10:26:17 PM

Apologies Jackie if I was out of turn re Reidvale. Corner Shop was nothing but fab!!

#20 - krakow replied on the 24/01/2017 12:11:09 PM

As Dennistonnian says, Bashoor Foods on Duke Street, in the row between Lidl and the Co-op funeral parlour is a good place. We get plenty of dried spices, pulses/beans and different grains etc as well as fresh herbs there. Prices are generally very good (herbs are much cheaper than supermarkets especially) and the staff are always spot on too.

#21 - Malarki replied on the 24/01/2017 6:17:46 PM

Use Bashoor and it's good but lacks veg and has a east med slant. Have been making use of the little veg shop just beyond Coia's too and that seems to be expanding its range. However, the more variety the better and having lived in parts of the world where every other shop was an independent grocer or baker from a slightly different part of the world, I miss that variety.

#22 - Jackie replied on the 24/01/2017 6:50:30 PM

No problem at all! And thanks!

#23 - Natalie replied on the 25/01/2017 11:53:31 AM

"better library"? Dennistoun library is fantastic!

#24 - Denniiston Gal replied on the 25/01/2017 6:09:20 PM

Defo more eateries. I know of people outwith the area who will travel over just to go to Dennistoun BBQ, Celinos, Coias, Black Vanilla, Nakodar Grill and Bilson Eleven.

#25 - anon replied on the 26/01/2017 12:55:08 AM

An army/navy outdoor type shop, a quality toy shop, a good record shop,a millinery shop,a ladies clothes shop,a mens clothes shop,a children's clothes shop, a big diy shop, an aquarium,a second hand book shop where you can trade in ones you read for "new" ones,a hunting/fishing shop that also trades old coins //. Weyhey we have Duke St circa 1980.

#26 - wullie replied on the 26/01/2017 2:59:50 PM

You dont know what youve got till its gone!

#27 - Chris replied on the 1/02/2017 7:07:01 PM

The street needs a common approach to improved shop signage. The garish cheap signs really bring down the street.

#28 - anne replied on the 5/02/2017 9:06:20 PM

I am so gutted corner shop has gone. I have moved out of the area to southside (needed to get somewhere cheaper not gone upmarket!) and am out of country for a little while. Was so looking forward to visiting when I pop back. Every time I went in I found something great. The combo of browsing in corner shop followed by Redmonds lovely lunch and a glass (or 3) of wine was a Dennistoun tradition for me. You will be sadly missed, but will follow you on Facebook so I don't miss any developments.

#29 - john replied on the 6/02/2017 1:20:55 AM

what is this "The Corner Shop" that everyone raves about
I have lived in Dennistoun for years and often shop in duke street and I have never saw it - I guess it was down one of the side streets.
what did it sell, was it another jumble/bric a brac charity shop

#30 - anne replied on the 7/02/2017 12:38:24 AM

Hi John - it was only open Saturday and some Sundays and was right on Duke Street across from Redmonds. It wasn't a jumble shop - was well chosen and lovely second hand clothes, jewellery and some house stuff.

#31 - john replied on the 7/02/2017 2:59:40 AM

hi anne, was that the place that used to be 'gezza break' a few years ago, I hadn't realised it was being used for that - I would have visited it if I had known.
lets hope it reopens

#32 - Mark replied on the 14/03/2017 4:50:55 PM

I have lived in Dennistoun for nearly thirty years and the gentrification over the last few years has been unreal there seems to be an agenda to turn it into the new Finnieston with overpriced craft beer pubs and getting rid of a lot social housing we need more reasonably priced pubs and shops in the area.

#33 - DarthVader replied on the 15/03/2017 1:20:43 AM

The gentrification of Dennistoun is often cited, but never properly substantiated.

There are six pubs on Duke Street between Bellgrove St and Duke St Stn.

I can understand that Redmonds might not be to everyone's taste. But that's one single pub. And it's apparently thriving. In a location that saw a sequence of unsuccessful offerings before it.

Moving east, there's The Duchess, The Snug, The Alexandria, The Crown and The Duke. It's laughable to suggest that there's gentrification to be found amongst that selection. The first on that list has been nicely tidied up and is a welcome option that I'd have thought just about anyone ought to feel comfortable visiting. The other four have been around for yonks, all have their own merits, and by any sensible measure they're reasonably priced options relative to pubs in general.

The same story applies to cafes/eateries on Duke St. There's a great range of options to cater to all tastes and wallets.

We're (thankfully, for the time being, at least) nowhere close to being the new Finnieston. So if there is an agenda (whose, exactly?), it's failing dismally.

Until Tesco, Costa or Pret start sniffing around I'd say we're largely in the clear as far as gentrification is concerned. It might happen one day, but I just don't see those companies queuing up to oust one of our many hairdressers, tanning salons, pawnbrokers, or e-cig shops in a hurry.

#34 - The Mentalist replied on the 15/03/2017 12:23:56 PM

The prevalence of dog muck in Dennistoun put paid to any talk of gentrification.

#35 - DarthVader replied on the 15/03/2017 1:08:06 PM

Finally - a positive spin on the dog muck problem! ;-)

#36 - anon replied on the 17/03/2017 4:47:12 PM

Personally I would like a few more nice pubs. So far in Duke St we have Redmond's, Tibo and The Duchess, which are a better selection than we had just a few years ago. But anyone can see there is an increasing demand for those kind of pubs.

And no I don't believe Dennistoun should become the new trendy,upmarket and unaffordably-expensive area of Glasgow. But I do think there is still room for improvement in the area, starting with the littering and the dog muck.

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