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Seen a wee lost dog

Anon posted on the 25/07/2016 11:44:24 PM

Seen a wee lost dog in Alexandra Park up next to the Provan road entrance. I tried to coax him over to me and he liked my dog but was fightened by me. After trying for 20 mins to get a hold of him he fled up Gadie St and away.

I had no phone or spare leash, i had an improvised leash made out of the cord from my hoodie.

The dog was a small mixed breed. He looked like a small collie. He was jet black and wearing a black fabric collar with no tag.

I hope he gets home because he was a sweet but nervous boy. I didnt pursue him because he may run into the road and i was already relieved that he made it across Provan Rd by himself.

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