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Smelly Chimney

James M posted on the 12/07/2016 9:47:37 AM

Do any of the old-timers remember a tall chimney in the area of the Bluevale flats that used to belch the most disgusting smelly smoke? I seem to recall it was knocked down in the late 70s early 80s.

Any idea what it was?

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#1 - The Mentalist replied on the 12/07/2016 12:56:31 PM

My granny lived in Whitevale flats and I remember it. I think it sat where the Home Bargains shop is now. It was horrible. There were a lot of s****yards around there at the time. According to really old maps on the NLS site, there were chemical works there at one point. I think it was taken down in the early 80s.

#2 - Robo replied on the 17/07/2016 7:56:39 PM

Yes it was the bone works the s**** yard used to be there too

#3 - Craig replied on the 9/08/2016 8:53:26 PM

Hi James,

If you are referring to the area around the bottom of Millerston Street (The old Glenpark road - back of retail park) This company was whom NORIT UK relocated some 20+ years ago to Cambuslang.

#4 - Craig replied on the 9/08/2016 11:26:03 PM

Sorry meant to add was known as the 'Chemical Works'


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