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Stone Throwing

GM posted on the 11/03/2017 12:17:41 AM

I work at City Park and I cycle to work. Yesterday as I left the office on my way home, while riding on Alexandra Parade I've been thrown a stone that hit me straight on my head.

Luckily I was wearing a helmet. The two teenagers that did this stood on the footway and when I realised that they had done that action they challenged me and run away.

They went into City Park's ground and when they saw me approaching the main gate of the building they put their hoods up and covered their faces and said to the passers-by that I was chasing them.

Unfortunately for them, the passers-by saw their action and blocked them. One of the people was actually chasing them as he had previously been thrown stones at his window.

When I asked them why they did it they did not know what to say. I told them that I was lucky I was wearing my helmet, otherwise I might have not been there talking to them. When I left, I reported the fact to the police which they said they would have put a call out. Not sure if these two guys were then tracked down.

2 Replies :

#1 - Concerned dennistonian replied on the 12/03/2017 11:54:13 AM

Sorry to hear this has happened to you and glad you okay. Will keep an eye open but hopefully this won't happen again!

#2 - Concerned replied on the 15/03/2017 6:04:05 PM

Seems to happen a lot. If you manage to get them, they'll grab somebody and accuse you of all sorts. Sociopaths the lot of them.

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