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TV film crews at waste land at morrisons

Barry posted on the 29/05/2016 7:57:24 PM


Does anyone know what was/is being filmed at the land in front of Morrisons?

Lots of film trailers and a vintage car.


4 Replies :

#1 - Paul replied on the 30/05/2016 11:11:04 AM

Probably the Trainspotting sequel, which has been filming in locations across the west of Scotland over the last few weeks.

#2 - Gg replied on the 30/05/2016 3:59:41 PM

Brian Cox is filming in Glasgow for his new movie 'Churchill' so may be for this.

#3 - anon 1 replied on the 31/05/2016 9:50:03 AM

there seems to be a lot of movies being filmed in Glasgow those days

#4 - Barry replied on the 31/05/2016 5:03:32 PM


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