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WIndow cleaner

Angela posted on the 20/07/2017 8:34:21 AM

Can anyone recommend a window cleaner in the area?

4 Replies :

#1 - Lou replied on the 3/08/2017 7:13:43 PM

I use reliable and convenient payment methods

#2 - Malarki replied on the 3/08/2017 9:00:17 PM

We use Upper Glass -

#3 - CV3V replied on the 4/08/2017 6:51:55 PM

How much do these guys charge for cleaning tenement windows?

#4 - alexw replied on the 5/08/2017 1:00:28 AM

I use Upper Glass as well and pay £26 per visit for a 1st floor flat with 4 window panes at the front and 4 at the back. I have them come every 3 months and they've been very reliable for the last couple of years.

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