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Whitehill pool noise nuisance

David posted on the 21/12/2016 2:45:17 AM

Anyone else noticed increased noise overnight from ventilation system from whitehill pool. I have been getting woken up by thrumming and general noise of fans that run throughout the night?

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#1 - Doll replied on the 21/12/2016 12:30:19 PM

They are doing renovation work on the disabled access changing area currently, perhaps this could account for excess noise?

#2 - Alan replied on the 21/12/2016 12:30:58 PM

There's work going on in there at the moment - is it maybe that?

#3 - wullie replied on the 21/12/2016 2:21:48 PM

David,you will have to tell the swimming pool,and the sooner
the better.That way you will know for sure thats where the noise is coming from,and,while the contractors are on the job there is a much better chance of fixing the problem,rather than try to get them back when all the work is done.
Aside from that i`m sure all your neighbours will be very grateful.

#4 - David replied on the 22/12/2016 6:01:02 PM

Thanks for replies. I have already had an amicable discussion with pool manager and it's not related to refurb works. There is an extra external generator on during the day but this is off at night. Noise seems to be related to some ventilation system that runs 24/7.

Just trying to identify if anyone else has noticed more overnight noise as that's when the fans are pretty loud at times. Also seems to be generating a low frequency "thrum" which is going through closed windows. Environmental Health officers also looking into it.

Have a merry crimbo

#5 - Beejay replied on the 22/12/2016 7:34:10 PM

It appears to be the pool ventilation and I agree it seems to have gotten worse over the last year. At times it's difficult to get to sleep, though I think it may get quieter around 4:30 am!

#6 - David replied on the 27/12/2016 11:13:21 AM

Thanks for confirming you have also noticed the change in noise BeeJay. Thought I was being too sensitive to it. The vents have never bothered me before but seem to be getting louder and I suspect there is some machinery/maintenance fault involved.

As well as the general fan noise running all day and night I have noticed an almost constant low frequency hum which is worse when windows are closed as it just goes right through them. Anyone else noticed this?

#7 - john replied on the 30/12/2016 5:49:48 PM

I have also noticed the humming noise has gotten worse in the last year when I am walking round the back of the pool building, lets hope they take notice of it now and get it sorted

#8 - David replied on the 1/01/2017 9:23:58 PM

Cheers for feedback john and happy new year to all

My main issue is that the ventilation noise seems to have increased to the point that it's more like an industrial estate level of noise now but is on 24/7 and in a residential area. I've lived in my onslow for 6 years and getting concerned that the noise from the pool machinery has now reached the level where it's no longer acceptable. Ironically it's not as noisy at street level outside the entrance due to the location of the vents.

I'll see how I get on with environmental health officers but clearly if other residents are being disturbed by noise there is more chance of something getting done and if they also report it there is more chance of action.

#9 - RW replied on the 5/01/2017 4:08:04 PM

I live right across from it and have never had any trouble with noise?

#10 - David replied on the 23/01/2017 9:27:07 PM

Thanks for reply. yes it's wierd. The noise is all to the east and north. You can hear it get louder when walking east away from the pool along Onslow and it gets louder as you go up in height. However to west on Onslow no noise at all even dead quiet when standing outside the main entrance to the pool. I think its to do with the direction of the vents.

It looks like it may be the pool and the school running heating systems at all times of the day and night. The school had their boilers on at 7pm last night and they regularly go into "turbo mode" at 4 am. I'm going to try and fix my windows to see if this helps as I suspect my windows are so bad that they're not cutting out much of the noise. I'll see how re-puttying them and putting a rubber seal in the frame gets on....but it's definitely louder in the flat than it used to be?? And looks the school and pool are running plant all through the night.

You are very lucky you can't hear the din...cheers David

#11 - wullie replied on the 24/01/2017 2:09:34 AM

David,did you have any help from the environmental health
officers?. If its as loud as you say it is, then surely
something will be done about it.

#12 - David replied on the 24/01/2017 9:00:12 PM

They have been out twice and I'm meeting them on 6th to discuss. To be honest the low frequency pulse that was most annoying through the night has been absent so had a good nights sleep for last 4 nights so feeling much refreshed. Maybe pool or school have fixed something they have been telling me they aren't running all night? When I know they have!

It's been a lot quieter over the last few days so here's hoping it continues??

#13 - Beejay replied on the 24/01/2017 9:36:20 PM

David, since this thread started, there appears to be significant periods when the noise is completely absent, as if the 'fans' were now being turned off, whereas previously they seemed to be on 24/7. We are on the North side of the pool and the noise is significant at times. Our windows are about 7 or 8 years old and when the 'fans' are on it's still loud enough to disturb sleep, so I'm not sure adjusting your windows will help... Can't say I've ever noticed the low frequency pulse though...

#14 - David replied on the 25/02/2017 12:38:38 AM

School appears to be the culprit running boiler in early hours. They don't intend to stop and environmental health taking no noise readings as far as I can tell.

Going to have to revert to some new windows I think as if I'm the only one complaining to the council about the noise I suspect nothing will be done. If I open my window its pretty loud!! If I close my window I get a quieter low frequency pulsing sound?

No-one else getting disturbed by noise from school? They seem to regularly switch on the boiler at around 4am.

#15 - Swan replied on the 27/02/2017 8:03:20 PM

I live very near the pool, and though I do notice the noise from time to time, I think I may have got used to it and tune it out. However, it was pretty bad last night!

#16 - David replied on the 2/03/2017 12:01:56 AM

Thanks to all for replies on this post.

Env health still not identified noise source ( been going on since 14.12.16). I've given up with them and getting my windows replaced with new ones to cut out noise...I hope!
Over and out....till I try to open my windows in the summer!!!!!

#17 - Ellie replied on the 17/03/2017 9:08:15 AM

Hi David

Just curious - did you hear this noise last night? I'm round in Golfhill
Drive and I've been waking up in the middle of the night heating a continuous really low frequency hum but haven't been able to figure out where it's coming from. This might solve the mystery...
I do think that we should be able to complain to environmental health if it is due to whitehill running the fans as it's clearly having an impact on a lot of the community.

#18 - DABEY replied on the 18/03/2017 3:19:50 AM

More likely to be the railway then

#19 - David replied on the 18/03/2017 3:23:32 AM


The pulsing low. Frequency noise has been pretty bad for about a week. I think it's the pool. I now sleep with headphones on. The school appear to have stopped 4am turbo boiler I think the all night noise is from the pool.

Unfortunately env health confirmed that I was the only resident I thought I was being too sensitive and therefore have now ordered new windows. All I can say is if no- one is contacting env health about noise nuisance nothing will ever get done. After 4 months of apparently being the only person complaining I've had to take my own action and will replace my windows in next 3weeks.

//If I can't open new windows in summer I'll get back on to it.

#20 - Ruskin replied on the 24/03/2017 11:50:33 AM

Hi. I live on Onslow Drive, to the north east of the pool on a second floor. I have noticed a noise. I can't be sure where it's coming from, but what David has described above sounds very much like what I am hearing. It is a low humming sound that builds in intensity then fades over several seconds, then repeats again after about 20 seconds or so, for hours on end. It often wakes me about 3.30 - 4.00 am and goes on until we get up. We are used to a bit of noise - traffic, people's fans and boilers, etc, but this is worse and is starting to affect me and my partner at nights. I have notified Environmental Health today.

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