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close cleaning

anon posted on the 16/11/2016 10:26:16 AM

hi, can anyone recommend a company for a one off deep close clean. mostly dust cobwebs and dead spiders (yuk) which i cant go near so would rather pay someone!

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#1 - john replied on the 16/11/2016 4:31:16 PM

here are a couple of companies, I dont know if any of them would be willing to do a one-off clean though as they usually only take on fortnightly or monthly cleaning contracts
D&M stair Cleaning 0787 559 1678
common Area cleaning (0141) 772 7655

#2 - ST replied on the 17/11/2016 9:45:00 AM

Does your factor not do it?

#3 - anon replied on the 17/11/2016 10:04:57 AM

thanks!! and no our factor is the reason the close is in such a mess lol

#4 - ST replied on the 17/11/2016 12:43:38 PM

Change factor then... I'd highly recommend Milnbank

#5 - anon replied on the 18/11/2016 10:41:19 AM

have heard good things!! we have slowly got them moving! hopefully selling soon and the close will not attract buyers, its like a haunted house haha

#6 - bm replied on the 19/11/2016 7:45:19 PM

I'm looking for a flat in Dennison, if you'd be interested in selling without paying estate agency fees?

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