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old wooden panelled doors

Steve posted on the 20/01/2018 3:57:40 PM

Hi , attempting to replace horrible glass internal doors ( 1970s fashion ? ) .With replacement traditional old panelled doors .
If anyone has any they wish to dispose of please contact me ; I can adjust sizes as needed as I am painting them .
Tried Clyde Salvage but only few poor examples avilable . Thanks

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#1 - mac01 replied on the 21/01/2018 10:03:29 AM

When we were renovating our flat we had the same issue. After a lot of fruitless searching for original doors at an affordable price I ended up removing the glass, putting in a sheet of MDF (I cant remember now if it was 18mm or 24mm) then edging with a narrow bead all round and making up panels from beading I got from B&Q pinned and glued in final position. Once painted the result was very good at a fraction of the cost.

#2 - Steve replied on the 21/01/2018 8:08:14 PM

Thanks mac01 , yeah I'm afraid I tried that with the bedroom door but found the surrounding frame was so damaged and had split at the joints that it was beyond me to repair . Although that is the best solution as the movement in the building means a lot of adjustments to replace the original doors .
But I will keep trying ??

#3 - CV3V replied on the 22/01/2018 9:30:05 AM

I have 2 similar doors, from talking to a joiner he told me that the doors are likely original. what they used to do is knock out in the internal panels to then fit the glass. The doors in my flat were (criminally!) replaced with more more type pine panel doors, when it was done the joiner had to fit an extra strip of wood along the bottom of the door to get the height needed (rather than alter the door frame), actually looks ok, but not as good as originals.

#4 - Mark replied on the 24/01/2018 7:47:25 PM

Has anyone had any joy having new doors made to spec? Ours are original but have been really poorly looked after, I'd prefer to get a carpenter or someone to make decent new ones the right size rather than get off-the-shelf ones and mess about with putting strips of wood on it and all that.

#5 - CV3V replied on the 25/01/2018 5:01:10 PM

if you search for Door World Glasgow you will see they stock a tenement door, its pine, but worth a look. For the price i am assuming the are good quality.

#6 - Ollie replied on the 29/01/2018 11:59:19 AM

I replaced the hideous internal doors in my tenement flat with doors from Glasgow Architectural Salvage. I was fortunate in that they had seven doors in the same style and they cost around £80 each after I haggled a bit. They must have hundreds of doors and new stock arriving all the time. They can have them dipped and stripped of paint if required (I initially didn't do this then changed my mind and got it done by another company) but had to then sand them all down and polish them myself but if you're painting them it would be cheaper. It took me a long time to find a reasonably priced joiner who fitted them and the hardware for around £250. Overall the entire process probably cost in the region of £1000 by the time I bought period door hardware. It was an expensive and long process but worth it in the end as it makes such a difference to the flat.

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